Mobile Crusher

By: FTM MachineryNovember 20th,2018


Mobile crusher can also be known as mobile crushing station which is an inevitable outcome of the new era of high-tech crushing technology. Its main features are that it can be moved, and the transition is more convenient, ensuring the safety of equipment production. And it takes only a week to build the entire production line, which is nearly a month faster than the fixed crushing line.

The mobile crusher has improved the equipment management level and production efficiency to a certain extent. On the one hand, it improves the economic benefits for users. On the other hand, it saves the production cost for the enterprise, and has good application and promotion value. In particular, the new mobile crusher manufactured by Fote uses intelligent PLC automatic monitoring system, which can predict equipment failures, avoid major accidents, reduce the number of downtimes, fully utilize the equipment potential, ensure the stable operation of the production line, and improve the economic benefits of the enterprise.

In urban construction, a large amount of construction waste is inevitably generated, and these construction wastes are sorted and broken by a complete mobile crusher, which consists of mobile jaw crusher, mobile impact crusher, trommel screen, sand washer to form a complete construction waste treatment production line. Finally, a variety of high quality sand and gravel aggregates of different specifications are obtained, which are widely used in roads, buildings and other fields to realize the recycling of construction waste.


The mobile crusher has the characteristics of reasonable matching of crushing equipment at all levels, smooth discharge of the whole line process, reliable operation, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving. In particular, it has good maneuverability and can be extended along with the raw materials or construction site, and can be combined in various combinations to meet the needs of different materials.

The equipment avoids the cumbersome steel frame structure and foundation construction during the crushing, which saves a lot of time. The customer can quickly select the site and directly drive the mobile crusher to the site. There is no need to transport the relevant equipment, and the material is processed to directly reach the finished product size. It is especially suitable for small projects in crushing sites, like handling construction waste, to realize the recycling of urban construction waste. In addition, its modular and intelligent operation design greatly reduces investment costs and increases investment income.


According to the walking mode, the mobile crusher is mainly divided into two types: tire type and crawler type. In addition, each different type of mobile crusher can also be freely set up according to customer’s needs, including mobile jaw crushing station, mobile impact crushing station, mobile cone crusher, etc. The combination process is simple and convenient, and the unit integration and configuration diversity are effectively realized with more broad scope of application.