Crawler-type Mobile Crusher

Feeding size: 60-660mm

Applied material: concrete scrap, iron ore, copper ore, gold ore, manganese ore, gravel, granite, river stone, basalt, limestone, dolomite, quartz and coal.

Application area: mining, metallurgy, building construction, road, railways and so on.

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Crawler-type Mobile Crusher

Why FTM Crawler-type Mobile Crusher ?

The driving way of this mobile crusher is depending on crawlers. Compared with other fixed crushers, mobile crusher is similar like a movable medium or small-sized crushing plant. Its working efficiency and cost are both excellent than those of similar-level or higher-level fixed crushers.

It can be used in areas like recycling construction wastes and crushing rocks, ores, etc.

Technical Data

Tracked Jaw Crusher

Tracked Impact Crusher

Tracked Cone Crusher

Crawler Screening Plant

Model FTMC96 FTMC106
Bin Volume 3m³ 5m³
Chain Plate Feeder GZDT9538 GZDT1145
Jaw Crusher CJ96 CJ106
Main Conveyor LTB800×10m LTB1000×11.5m
Side Conveyor LTB500×3.2m LTB650×3.5m
Iron Remover RCYD650 RCYD800
Caterpillar 500×3.8m 500×3.8m
Speed 0-20m/min 0-20m/min
Climbing Ability ±20° ±20°
Engine Power 96kw 106kw
Total Power 112.9kw 141.4kw
OverAll Dimensions 13m×2.8m×3.5m 14.4m×3m×3.6m
Weight 38t 50t
Capacity 300tph 450tph
Model FTMCI1110 FTMCI1213
Bin Volume 3m³ 4m³
Chain Plate Feeder GZDT9538 GZDT1145
Impact Crusher CI1110 CI1213
Iron Remover RCYD650 RCYD800
Primary Screening FTM1230 FTM1430
Main Belt LTB800×10m LTB1000×10m
Belt Under Screen LTB800×5m LTB1000×6m
Return Conveyor Belt LTB500×11m LTB650×12m
Belt Above Screen LTB500×1.5m LTB650×1.7m
Caterpillar 500m×3.8m 500m×4.2m
Speed 0-20m/min 0-20m/min
Climbing Ability ±20° ±20°
Engine Power 96kw 106kw
Total Power 196.8kw 250.8kw
OverAll Dimensions 17m×3.5m×4m 18.5m×3.6m×4.1m
Weight 40t 52t
Capacity 100-250tph 160-400tph
Bin Volume 3m³ 3m³ 3m³
Feeding Belt LTB1000×6m LTB1000×6m LTB1200×6m
Cone Crusher SC160 SC250 HP300
Main Conveyor LTB800×10m LTB1000×10m LTB1000×10m
Primary Screening FTM1230 FTM1430 FTM1430
Under Conveyor Belt LTB800×5.5m LTB1000×5.5m LTB1000×5.5m
Screen Head Belt LTB500×1.5m LTB650×1.5m LTB650×1.7m
Return Belt LTB500×11m LTB650×11m LTB650×12m
Caterpillar 500×3.8m 500×4.2m 500×4.2m
Speed 0-20m/min  0-20m/min 0-20m/min
Climbing Ability ±20° ±20° ±20°
Engine Power  96kw 106kw 106kw
Total Power  201kw 298.5kw 268.5kw
OverAll Dimensions 17m×4m×5m 19m×4.3m×5.5m 19m×4.3m×5.5m
Weight  40t 53t 52t
Capacity 100-250tph  180-450tph 160-400tph
Model FTMT2/3FTM1545 FTMT2/3FTM1855 FTMT2/3FTM2165
Bin Volume 2m³ 3m³ 3m³
Feeding Belt LTB800×11m LTB1000×11.5m LTB1000×12.5m
Vibrating Screen 2/3FTM1545 2/3FTM1855 2/3FTM2165
Belt Under Screen LTB800×8m LTB1000×8m LTB1000×8m
Coarse Material Belt LTB500×6m LTB650×6m LTB650×6m
Secondary Material Belt LTB500×6m LTB650×7m LTB650×7m
Fine Material Belt LTB500×6m LTB650×7m LTB650×7m
Caterpillar 500×3.4m 500×3.8m 500×4.2m
Speed 0-20m/min 0-20m/min 0-20m/min
Climbing Ability ±20° ±20° ±20°
Engine Power 76kw 76kw 96kw
Total Power 45.5kw 56.5kw 65kw
OverAll Dimensions 14.8m×4.2m×2.9m 14.8m×4.2m×2.9m 15.8m×4.5m×3.5m
Weight 28t 35t 46.5t
Capacity 300tph 400tph 580tph

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