Trommel Screen

The trommel screen is used for screening or grading fine materials with medium hardness. The screening effect is good. The 60-200 mesh screen has a wide range of applications, low working environment requirements, and can be customized to meet different production needs.

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Trommel Screen

Brief In Trommel Screen

The trommel screen can be used for the classification of large and small stones in the stone yard, and the separation of the soil and stone powder outside the stone material and also be used for separation and screening of sand and stone in the sandstone field. In chemistry and coal industry, the trommel screen is used to screen bulk and powder materials.

The trommel screen has a simple structure, low energy consumption, and good sealing performance, stable operation and low noise and effectively reduces dust. The screening efficiency is over 95%, and the occupied space is small. The flexible feeding method can be adopted according to the actual situation. Daily maintenance is simple and convenient; the screen hole is not easy to block, and the machine failure rate is low.

Technical Data

Model Capacity(t/h) Power
Sieve hole(2mm) Sieve hole(30mm)
YTS1230 12 50 4
YTS1240 14 60 4
YTS1250 15 70 5.5
YTS1530 18 75 5.5
YTS1540 18 75 5.5
YTS1550 20 80 7.5
YTS1560 22 100 7.5
YTS2040 25 120 11
YTS2050 30 150 11
YTS2060 35 175 11


1. The special screen of the FTM trommel screen is not easy to block, and the screening efficiency is high, which is more than 1.5 times higher than the previous equipment.

2. The trommel screen adopts a full sealing device, and the screening cylinder can be closed, which is easy to close and collect dust.

3. The trommel screen is automatically controlled and has a high automatic program.

4. The unique design effectively reduces vibration, making the machine run more smoothly and take up less space, and easy to process.

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