High-Frequency Screen

The high-frequency screen is also called a high frequency vibrating screen, which is a kind of screening and grading equipment in ore beneficiation plant. The material is sieved or classified according to the particle size.

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High-Frequency Screen

Brief In High-Frequency Screen

High-frequency screens are widely used for screening or grading iron ore, gold ore, copper ore, and silica sand. It is especially suitable for the screening of fine-grained powder materials. The graded particle size is 0.074~1mm; the fineness is up to 300 mesh; the sieve surface vibration frequency is 50Hz; and the amplitude is 0~2mm. The screen area is 4.5-8.1 square meters, and the running power is 0.72. -2.2kw.

Adopting the new principle design, it is a new type of high-efficiency screening machine with a screening efficiency of over 70%, small amplitude, and high screening frequency. Different from the principle of general screening equipment, the high-frequency screen uses high frequency and it can destroy the tension of the slurry surface and the high-speed oscillation of the fine material on the sieve surface, accelerate the separation of large-density useful minerals, and increase the probability of separating the material in a smaller particle size.

Technical Data

GPS-4 15-25 0.72
GPS-5 20-30 1.1
GPS-6 24-36 1.5
GPS-8 32-48 2.2



1. The high-frequency screen is not easy to block the hole, and the processing capacity and solid recovery rate are high.

2. The vibration intensity is 2 to 3 times the vibration intensity of a general mechanical vibrating screen. The working noise of the whole machine is below 85dB(A).

3. Low failure rate, long lifetime and low maintenance costs

4. The excitation or amplitude of the sieve body can be adjusted to control the particle size.

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