100-200t/h Rock Mobile Jaw Crushing Station

By: FTM MachineryJanuary 02nd,2019

The stone is crushed and sanded by mining equipment, which can improve the application value of rock. Jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, hammer crusher, mobile crushing station, mobile sand making machine and other equipment can all effectively work on rock. Among the mining equipment, mobile jaw crushing plant as an emerging mobile crushing device, has the advantages of good crushing effect, large crushing ratio, high output, convenient transition, etc., which has attracted the attention of users and once became a special equipment for crushing rocks.

The mobile jaw crushing plant is a combination of a jaw crusher and a mobile device, which can be quickly moved to the next site for operation, saving time and effort, and ensuring output. So what is the charm of the 100-200 t/h rock mobile jaw crushing station that is more popular among users?

1. Good Quality

The mobile jaw crushing station is made of a material with good wear resistance. The wearable parts have a long service lifespan and can reduce the equipment failure rate, which can create benefits for users for a long time.

2. Crushing Work in One Step

The mobile jaw crushing station can be used for single-machine efficient production or combined with other crushing equipment. It can be transformed into a small mobile sandstone production line. The crushing operation is in one step, no need to re-process, and the size of finished product fully meets the production needs, and saves operating costs.

3. Guaranteed Capacity

The mobile jaw crushing plant can process 100-200 tons of rock per hour, with a daily output of 800-1600 tons. Of course, in addition to the 100-200t/h mobile crushing station, Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd also produces mobile devices of various models and specifications. What’s more, our company can customize the right model for customers, so no matter what production requirements of customers are, FTM can give a plan.

4. Energy Saving & Environmental Protection

The mobile jaw crusher is equipped with a dust removal and noise reduction device, which reduces the leakage of dust and reduces environmental pollution.

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of mobile crushing plants. The types of mobile crushing equipment produced are diverse, the models are complete, the quality is reliable, and the performance advantages are many. If you are interested in our equipment, please come to the factory to visit and test the machine. Any questions can be consulted online.