Brief Introduction

Vertical roller mill is called vertical mill also. FTM new type vertical mill is developed on the basis of many years of production and development of pulverizers, analyzing and studying the advantages and disadvantages of similar products at home and abroad. The vertical mill adopts advanced material bed grinding and partial external circulation technology, which integrates grinding, grading, drying and conveying. This large-scale advanced high-yield energy-saving grinding product has become the mainstream equipment in the milling industry.

It is suitable for---barite, calcite, potassium feldspar,talc, marble, limestone, dolomite, fluorite, lime, activated clay, activated carbon, bentonite, cement, phosphate rock, gypsum, etc。

Working Principle

The main motor drives the grinding disc to rotate through the reducer, and the fixed grinding roller rotates along the raceway of the grinding disc. The material falls from the feeding port to the center of the grinding disc. Under the action of centrifugal force, the material moves from the center of the grinding disc to the edge at a constant speed. When passing through the grinding raceway, it is crushed by the grinding roller. The grinding force is provided by the hydraulic loading system. The material is directly crushed, and the fine-grained material is squeezed to form a material bed for intergranular crushing.

Drying and grinding are carried out at the same time. The primary hot air enters the surrounding of the grinding disc evenly through the air ring, and the pulverized materials thrown out tangentially from the grinding disc after grinding are dried and transported to the upper powder separator. Under the action of the rotor blades, Coarse particles return to the grinding table for grinding (internal circulation), and the qualified fine powder is milled together with the airflow, and is collected by the system powder collector, which is the finished product.

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Technical Data

Specifications Capacity(t/h) The finished product fineness The raw material moisture The finished product moisture Main motor power(kW)
HLM1300K 10-40 0.84-0.37mm (20-400 mesh) ≤15% ≤1% 200
HLM1500K 13-50 280
HLM1700K 18-70 400
HLM1900K 20-85 500
HLM2200K 35-135 800-900
HLM2400K 40-160 900-1120
HLM2800K 50-200 1120-1250
HLM3400K 70-260 1800-2000
HLM3700K 90-320 2500-2800

Note: The grindability (Bond) index of raw materials is less than or equal to 13kw/t

Specifications Capacity(t/h) Specific surface area The raw material moisture The finished product moisture Main motor power(kW)
HLM19S 8-13 ≥380㎡/kg ≤5% ≤1% 280-315
HLM21S 11-18 400-450
HLM24S 15-20 500-560
HLM28S 28-35 900-1000
HLM35S 70-80 1800-2000
HLM42S 95-110 2500-2800
HLM46S 130-150 3150-3800
HLM53S 160-200 4500-5000

Note: The grindability (Bond) index of raw materials is less than or equal to 18kw/t

Specifications Capacity(t/h) Pulverized coal fineness The raw coal moisture Pulverized coal moisture Main motor power(kW)
HLM1200M 6—10 R0.08=5-15% ≤15% ≤1-5% 110-132
HLM1300M 10-15 160—200
HLM1500M 15—20 220—280
HLM1700M 20-30 280-355
HLM1900M 26-35 355—450
HLM2200M 35-50 450—560
HLM2400M 45-55 560-710
HLM2800M 60-80 900—1120

Note:Raw coal HGl≥55

Specifications Feed particle size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Product fineness The raw material moisture Main motor power(kW)
HLM1200X ≤10 2-6 Screen passing rate of 10-40μm 97% ≤4% 132
HLM1300X ≤10 3-10 220
HLM1500X ≤10 4-13 315
HLM1700X ≤15 7-18 450
HLM1900X ≤15 8-23 560
HLM2200X ≤20 13-35 800
HLM2400X ≤20 15-45 1000

Note: Mohs hardness grade 4 or below

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