Toothed roller crusher

The toothed roller crusher is suitable for coal, metallurgy, mining, chemical, building materials and other industries, and is more suitable for the crushing of raw coal (including vermiculite) in large coal mines or coal preparation plants. It has strong crushing force. The motor and the reducer are connected by a limit type hydraulic coupling to prevent the power overload and have the sensor overload protection, which is safe and reliable.

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Toothed roller crusher

Brief In Toothed roller crusher

The toothed roller crusher is widely used in gravel yard, mining, coal mining, concrete mixing station, dry mortar, power plant desulfurization, quartz sand, etc., and used to break river pebble, granite, basalt, iron ore, limestone, quartz, diabase, gold, copper and other materials. The feed port of the machine is available in sizes from 200mm to 1150 mm and the discharge port is available in sizes from 15mm to 200 mm. The toothed roller crusher has a maximum production capacity of 300t/h.

The toothed roller crusher mainly uses a special wear-resistant toothed roller to rotate the material at a high speed to break the material (the traditional tooth roller crusher uses low-speed pressing and crushing), which forms a high productivity mechanism. It has a large crushing capacity with sensor overload protection, and safety and reliability. The motor and the reducer are connected by a limited-type fluid coupling to prevent power overload. The pitch of the toothed rolls is hydraulically adjusted, and the toothed roller bearings are concentrated and lubricated. The tooth shape is optimized, the shearing force is selected to be broken, the efficiency is high, and the granulation is uniform.

Technical Data

Model Roller 
2PGC600×500 600 500 200-450 15-100 30-60 4P   11×2 3.8 2450×1800×950
2PGC600×800 600 750 300-600 20-120 60-100 4P   18.5×2 7.2 4500×1900×1350
2PGC800×1000 800 1000 500-800 30-150 100-160 4P   22×2 12.6 2550×2050×1100
2PGC1000×1000 1000 1000 700-950 30-200 150-200 6P   45×2 18.8 2780×4100×1550
2PGC1200×1200 1200 1200 800-1050 30-200 180-250 6P   55×2 29.5 2780×3200×1980
2PGC1500×1200 1500 1200 1000-1150 30-200 200-300 6P   75×2 38.6 8010×4500×2050


Big crushing ratio & environmental protection: The crusher has a large crushing ratio with no requirement for the moisture of the crushed material, and it is not sticky or blocked.

Strong automated processing capabilities: The equipment is equipped with hydraulic automatic retracting device and intelligent cleaning device, which can effectively prevent the tooth roller from being damaged, and can also automatically remove the adhesive material on the crusher cavity wall.

Long lifespan: It uses mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and other multiple protection devices and interlocking devices to effectively protect the motor, crusher and the whole system.

Wide range of applications: It is suitable for crushing medium and low hardness brittle materials, such as bituminous coal, anthracite, lignite and coal gangue. It can also be used in sinter, coke, slag, shale, etc.

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