The Models and Quote of the Bluestone Crusher--400-500T/H

By: FTM MachineryJuly 24th,2018

In Sichuan, Shandong and Hubei --the provinces of China are rich in bluestone, also called limestone. With the characteristics of durability, weather resistance, no corrosion, it is usually crushed for the fields of highway, railway, building and municipal construction in an environment friendly way. Especially in building, the bluestone is one of the important materials.

Many users’ standards to its production capacity are between 400T/H and 500T/H. Then which models are there? How about the specific quote? Are there any experts introducing this equipment? The above questions are the most recently consulted by users working in bluestone crushing factories. Here has a simple introduction to you about them.

400T/H-500T/H of Bluestone Crusher: PE-1000×1200 Jaw Crusher

PE-1000×1200 Jaw Crusher has met demands of customers with the production capacity of 315T/H-500T/H. Also, PE-1000×1200 jaw crusher’s maximum feeding size is 850mm and eccentric shaft speed is 200r/min, while the size of discharging is 195-265mm. And its total weight is 55 tons. From the perspective of discharging granularity, we can see that this equipment is a kind of bluestone crushers featuring simple structure, high output and small volume while running stably in good quality and high efficiency with lower energy consumption.

400-500T/H of Bluestone Crusher: PF-1520 Impact Crusher

The size of feed inlet is set as 830×2040mm and the maximum feeding size is 700mm. The motor power of this Pf-1520 impact crusher is 4P 315-400Kw with a weight of 50.6 tons. Generally, this equipment is applied to the secondary crushing after the jaw crusher, featuring good structure, durability, impact resistance. As a result, the even discharging granularity and low content of stone dust will be reached.

400-500T/H of Bluestone Crusher: HX1349HD125 Mobile Jaw Crusher

HX1349HD125 mobile jaw crusher, a new wheel bluestone crusher, integrates with HD125 German jaw crusher, improving working efficiency with powerful crushing functions. This equipment can shaft working sites easily and be operated in an intelligent way. Besides, this equipment has been made focusing on low-carbon and environmental protection theories. Otherwise, it can be used to process limestone with the limited size of working sites. Equipped with dual-axial wheels, this equipment’s discharging size is 125-225mm. And its transport length reaches 15200mm while its width is 2900mm and height achieves 4500mm.

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What is the quote of the 400T/H-500T/H of limestone crusher?

There is no unified price for these equipment. The standards of pricing are based on equipment’s models, production costs and measures of marketing. You can consult our sales managers online about specific price. We will offer you favourable price.