Rod Mill

Rod mills are also known as rod mill sand making machine. What it differs from the ball mill is that the grinding medium of the rod mill is a steel rod, and that of the ball mill is a steel ball. Rod mills are available in both dry and wet versions and can be selected according to your needs.

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Rod Mill

Brief In Rod Mill

Rod mill is widely used in various ores, such as granite, marble, limestone, and is suitable for refractory materials, chemistry metallurgy, glass, and other industries. It has higher requirements for uniformity of finished products after grinding, and can also be used in artificial sand making. For the processing of quartz sand, dolomite, and other products, the mill can be equipped with a magnetic separator to remove iron.

The rod mill adopts advanced controllable feeding and discharging technology, which changes the traditional surface contact into line contact. And the actual grinding material should be matched with a suitable grinding body so that the discharge granularity is more uniform and the output is higher. The rod mill can prevent the damage caused by “over-crushing”. When used for rough grinding, the rod mill has higher processing capacity than the ball mill of the same specification.

Technical Data

Shell Specifications (mm)
Shell rotation speed
Feeding size
Discharging size
Processing capacity
Total weight
Diameter Length
MBS0918 900 1800 36-38 ≤25 0.833-0.147 0.62-3.2 18.5


MBS0924 900 2400 36 ≤25 0.833-0.147 0.81-4.3 22 6.7
MBS1224 1200 2400 36 ≤25 0.833-0.147 1.1-4.9 30 13.9
MBS1530 1500 3000 29.7 ≤25 0.833-0.147 2.4-7.5 75 19.8
MBS1830 1830 3000 25.4 ≤25 0.833-0.147 4.8-11.6 130 34.9
MBS2130 2100 3000 23.7 ≤25 0.833-0.147 14-35 155 46.5
MBS2136 2100 3600 23.7 ≤25 0.833-0.147 19-43 180 48.7
MBS2430 2400 3000 21 ≤50 0.833-0.147 25-65 245 59.7
MBS2736 2700 3600 20.7 ≤50 0.833-0.147 32-86 380 92.5
MBS2740 2700 4000 20.7 ≤50 0.833-0.147 32-92 400 95
MBS3245 3200 4500 18 ≤50 0.833-0.147 64-180 630 149


1. Energy saving is 50% higher than traditional rod mills and rod mill has stable operation and adjustable fineness of discharge.

2. It is made of wear-resistant materials, which is durable and has a low failure rate.

3. The rod mill cylinder is fully enclosed and sealed to reduce dust pollution.

4. Lubrication design is reasonable, having high safety performance and sound insulation, and reducing noise pollution.

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