PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher

The PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher can crush the stone in once time without secondary crushing, which can reduce the cost by about 40%, and have low energy consumption and low investment. It is widely used in many industries such as mining, smelting, building materials, road, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry. What’s more, it is especially suitable for crushing limestone and stone with a compressive strength of less than 200 Mpa.

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PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher

Brief In PCZ Heavy Hammer Crusher

Hammer crusher is one of the main equipment for crushing brittle materials with medium hardness and below. It is mainly for all kinds of ore with compressive strength not exceeding 200MPa and water content less than 15%, such as gypsum, brick, limestone, coal, glass and so on. It has a maximum production capacity of 3000t/h. The feed port of the machine is available in size from 400mm to 1200 mm.

The PCZ Heavy Hammer Crushers are available in various specifications with coarse, medium and fine crushing. The finished products can be adjusted according to customer needs. It is especially suitable for large-scale engineering materials such as highways and buildings. This machine removes the primary crushing process of the jaw crusher and becomes a new type of crushing machine completing the crushing work at once for large and small materials. The output is large, the efficiency is high, the power is small, the manpower and material resources are saved, and the crushing cost of the material is reduced. The crushed stone of this machine is not only full-scale, but also uniform and clear. It is an alternative to the old jaw crusher and the hammer crusher.

Technical Data

Model Rotor diameter×length
Feed opening Length×width
Feeding size
Total weight
PCZ1308 1300×790 910×890 ≤400 100-160 132 2880×2130×2390
PCZ1410 1400×1000 1020×750 ≤500 180-230 4P   160/2×90 2830×2100×2485
PCZ1610 1600×1000 1150×1000 ≤600 260-350 132×2 3370×2415×2750
PCZ1615 1600×1500 1400×1000 ≤600 380-550 200×2 3370×2925×2750
PCZ1716 1700×1600 1640×1300 ≤650 600-850 250×2 3520×3000×3210
PCZ1720 1700×2000 1980×1300 ≤650 700-1000 400×2 3670×3390×3330
PCZ1920 1900×2000 1850×1600 ≤800 900-1500 500×2 3729×3300×4450
PCZ2225 2200×2500 2100×2300 ≤1200 1500-3000 1250 4620×5380×4780


Cost-saving & Energy-saving: The crusher shapes material up by single crushing without second time to reduce the cost by around 40%, which ensures energy and investment saving.

Wide Range of the Stone Application: It is especially applicable for crushing limestone and medium hardness stones less than 200Mpa.

High Degree of Automation: It uses an external oil pump, fuel tank, and line lubrication system. When the oil temperature is too high or the flow rate is too slow, it will automatically stop.

Multi-purpose Machine: Thanks to the modular design, coarse, medium and fine crushing can be achieved by changing the cavity shape to improve production efficiency.

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