Wheel Mobile Crusher VS Crawler Mobile Crusher

By: Fote MachineryJuly 04th,2018

Mobile crushers are in favour with customers, due to good mobility of them which can be combined with other crushing machines to meet demands of various materials. There will be an introduction to wheel and crawler mobile crusher in their commons and differences.


They are flexible enough to arrive at mining sites directly which have no effect on their mobility. For that it can reduce middle links of moving materials from one working site to another for crushing. Thus they will lead to a massive saving on transportation costs.

They are highly adaptable to various working conditions. What’s more, the mode of production needn’t any infrastructure construction. As a result, there will be less investment costs.

Fully functional mobile crushers can be equipped with corresponding equipment based on customers’ demands in actual production. They are working with equipment of feeders, crushing machines and conveyors as one unit production line.


Wheel mobile crusher driven by vehicle is able to meet customers’ demands of mobility both in construction sites and roads.

The underpan of crawler mobile crusher has good rigidity with the structure of crawler hull form. Because of high strength and low ground pressure, it can be well-done in climbing slope with good adaptation to hilly areas and wetlands.

Furthermore, crawler mobile crusher can recycle such materials as rock, ore, blocky road bituminous concrete, and building materials of cement concrete.