Tips for Extending the Service Lifespan of the Hammer Crusher

By: FTM MachinerySeptember 11th,2018

Hammer crusher is mainly composed by a hammer crushing case body, a rotor, a hammer head, a counterattack liner, a sieve plate and so on. It is common equipment in sand and gravel production lines which is commonly used for the crushing of medium materials in cement, chemical, building materials, roads, railways and other industries.

When the hammer crusher is working, it mainly uses a hammer to achieve the crushing of the stone. The hammerheads of most hammer crushers on the market generally have problems such as high wear rate and insufficient quality. The cost of replacing the hammer is very large, so how do we extend the lifespan of the hammer? Learn the following knowledge to effectively extend the lifespan of the hammer.

1. Strengthen the fastening of the hammer. The hammer crusher achieves the crushing effect by impacting of the hammer and material. If the hammer is not fast enough, it will cause the hammer to fly away from the rotor and equipment failure. Therefore, it is necessary not only to strengthen the tightening of the hammer, but also to check for looseness on a regular basis.

2. Use high quality hammer material. It is the key to improving the lifespan of the hammer to choose quality material. Common wear resistant material on the market is high manganese steel.

3. Check and repair in time. After the machine is put into use, it must be checked regularly for wear and tear. If it is worn out, it should be repaired in time or replaced directly.

4. Ensure the loading and unloading of the hammer head is convenient. After the hammer crusher is running for a period of time, the components will not be as smooth as the beginning, and problems such as eccentricity and local wear will occur. At this time, reasonable adjustments must be made, so it is convenient to load and unload during the installation of the hammer.

According to the research, the above measures can be used to increase the service lifespan of the hammer by more than 30%. When the hammer head is worn out, it is necessary to check the cause and take measures to stop the loss in time. Otherwise the user's interests will be affected.

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