How to Make Charcoal Briquette

By: FTM MachineryJanuary 21st,2021

Is it safe to produce charcoal briquettes? Let's take a look at its production process. The production of charcoal briquettes requires the use of reliable charcoal briquette machine. The following is the briquette production process of professional FTM®charcoal briquette machine:

Raw materials → carbonization → crushing and drying → briquetting → drying, packaging and storage.

Step 1 Raw material preparation

First, you need to collect raw materials.

Various raw materials can be made into charcoal briquettes, such as logs, pine, birch, oak and other trees; straw, rice husk, coconut shell, sorghum residue and other crop waste.

Step 2 Carbonization process

The raw material is fed into the carbonization furnace and heated to approximately 1,100°F (590°C).

Then they are carbonized under anhydrous, oxygen-free, high temperature and high pressure conditions.

Step 3 Crushing and drying

Before briquetting, the raw materials need to be pretreated. The hammer crusher is suitable for crushing logs with a diameter less than 200 mm. After grinding, the output diameter is 3-5 mm.

FTM®rotary dryer can reduce the moisture content of raw materials to 12%-15%, and control the raw materials to the required state.

Step 4 Briquetting process

Charcoal briquetting machine is the core equipment.

Due to the combined action of moisture, binders (such as starch), temperature (approximately 105°F or 40°C), and drums, the agglomerates can retain their shape when they fall from the bottom of the ball press.

Step 5 Drying and Packaging

Finally, it is bagged for storage, transportation and sales.

Now FTM®charcoal briquette machine has been widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises all over the world. It saves a lot of resource consumption and economic cost for the enterprise.

1.High density of molded spheres

2. Easy to transport and smelt

3. Increased waste utilization

4. Low Energy consumption and environmental protection

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