Charcoal Briquette Machine

Charcoal Briquette Machine

Processing Capacity:1-5T/H (Hot Sale), 5-10T/H, 10-35T/H

Applicable materials:charcoal powder, coal powder, carbon powder and carbonized materials (from coconut waste, saw dust, rice husk, wood chips, etc.)

Brief In Charcoal Briquette Machine

The charcoal charcoal briquette machine is mainly used to compress powdery materials that are difficult to form. It is characterized by high forming pressure, adjustable host speed, and screw feeding device. This machine is widely used in refractory materials, power plants, metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, transportation, heating, industry, agriculture, barbecue and other fields. This machine is suitable for single machine operation and large-scale production line.

Inquire Details
  • Round

  • Square

  • Pillow

  • Oval

Common Shapes:
Round, Square, Pillow, Oval.
(In addition, customers can customize the shapes if they have special needs)

Operating Principle

1. Firstly, the material is fed into the ball mold on the press roller.

2. With the rotation of the pressure roller, the pressure of the material is small and large. Under the action of the huge line pressure, the material becomes the finished ball from the powder.

3. After the material passes the line, the molding pressure is rapidly reduced, so that the material enters the off-ball state, and the ball is smoothly removed.


Now FTM®charcoal briquette machine has been widely used in large and medium-sized enterprises all over the world. It saves a lot of resource consumption and economic cost for the enterprise.

1.High density of molded spheres
2. Easy to transport and smelt
3. Increased waste utilization
4. Low Energy consumption and environmental protection


Technical Parameters

Charcoal Briquette Machine
Model Roller Diameter
Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Reducer
FTMQ290 290 1-2.5 5.5-7.5 350
FTMQ360 360 3-5 7.5-11 350
Heavy FTMQ360 360 3-5 7.5-11 400
FTMQ430 430 5-8 15 400
Heavy FTMQ430 430 5-8 15 500
FTMQ500 500 8-11 30 650
FTMQ650 650 10-15 37-45 750
FTMQ750 750 20-25 45 750
FTMQ850 850 20-28 55 850
FTMQ1000 1000 25-35 90 1000
Model Roller Diameter
FTMQ290 290 1-2.5
FTMQ360 360 3-5
Heavy FTMQ360 360 3-5
FTMQ430 430 5-8
Heavy FTMQ430 430 5-8
FTMQ500 500 8-11
FTMQ650 650 10-15
FTMQ750 750 20-25
FTMQ850 850 20-28
FTMQ1000 1000 25-35

Customer Case

Charcoal Briquetting Plant in Kenya

Capacity: 10t/h

Processed material: Charcoal

Customer's Feedback:

Fote’s excellent customer service has earned more trust. The production flow is smooth and there are no failures. The wear-resistance ability is strong and working efficiency is high. We are very satisfied with the briquette machine’s performance.

Coal Powder Briquetting Plant in India

Capacity: 20t/h

Processed material: Coal

Customer's Feedback:

With a friendly technical discussion with the engineers, we are very satisfied with your production and the company has good reputation in the industry for many years, let us make sure that we have found the most suitable supplier.

Service & History

Service Guarantees:

We guarantee that our products are all up to standards set for mining machinery.
We will deliver products timely by contract.
We will supply you with installation drawings, specifications and operation manual.
We offer lifetime warranty and components for products.


Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., has been in existence for more than 40 years since its establishment. It has four production bases in China and its products are sold to more than 160 countries around the world, including South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Kenya, Egypt, Zambia, Uganda, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, etc.

Purchase Process

1.Contact online/leave a message/send an email to tell your needs

2.Tailor the production plan for you

3.Come to the factory for inspection and test

4.Strict inspection and ship on-time and delivery

5.Installation accompanied by a professional team

6.Regular return visits after-sales for life


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