How to Maintain the Hydraulic Cone Crusher

By: FTM MachineryDecember 12th,2018

As we all know, the hydraulic cone crusher is better to use than the traditional cone crusher. It is an upgraded version of cone crusher who has advantages of large crushing capacity and high production efficiency. The main reason is the hydraulic system. How is the hydraulic system of the hydraulic cone crusher maintained?

The hydraulic system on cone crusher is mainly used to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and the size of the discharge opening can be adjusted. If the iron and other materials that cannot be broken enter the crushing chamber, the hydraulic system will push the dynamic vertebra to automatically retreat, so that the discharge opening becomes larger and discharges the unbroken block, and then it will be automatically reset after the discharge. The hydraulic system of the hydraulic cone crusher is now a relatively advanced processing technology, which plays a very important role in the normal operation and service lifespan of the equipment.

How do we need to properly maintain the hydraulic system of cone crusher?

1. Ensure the inside of cone crusher is clean. There are many dusts in the ore processing process, so pay attention to dust removal during use, and also prevent water from entering the hydraulic oil.

2. To change the hydraulic oil, it is important to note that the filter must be used, and also to ensure that the filter is clean. When refueling, it is necessary to follow the range of the specified oil level.

3. To ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic system, our customer's recommendation is to use the same type of hydraulic oil for cleaning. It is not recommended to use other oils, which may cause damage to cone crusher.

4. Pay attention to the replacement time of the hydraulic oil. It is recommended to replace the oil just after stopping the crusher, which will help to drain the oil and precipitate, and then inject new hydraulic oil.

The above is the introduction of FTM on how to maintain the hydraulic system of the hydraulic cone crusher. I hope that users can carefully maintain their own equipment to better serve the enterprise.