FTM Mobile Crushing Plant

By: FTM MachineryAugust 24th,2018

Crushing stone and making sand have always been the key projects of sand and gravel plants, and it is especially important to choose the right equipment. The new mobile crushing plant from FTM is environmentally friendly, efficient and more expensive. FTM is committed to creating a more popular and more used stone crusher for its customers. It is designed with more than 20 years of technical experience combined with advanced production levels at home and abroad.


Equipped with efficient host crushing equipment, it has the advantages of large crushing ratio, strong crushing force and more efficiency; single operation is more flexible, and multi-end online application is more efficient.

The compact design of the frame chassis makes material transportation more convenient, the movement more stable, the operation more stable, and the daily work of the equipment more efficient.

Flexible parking, quick access to work mode, and flexible switching of host devices, everything from high efficiency, crushing operations are more powerful.

The imported motor device from abroad has super power, which will further ensure that the equipment is broken more efficiently.

Environmental Protection

The sealed crushing space is designed to reduce dust spillage.

The inlet, outlet ports and the crushing site are equipped with sprinklers to further suppress the flying of fine particles.

The installation of multi-effect new dust removal equipment creates a more environmentally friendly crushing site.


Different price:

FTM mobile crusher can be changed into different types according to the structure and mainframe. It can be divided into crawler type and tire type. The main part can be switched freely and its functions are different. Of course, the price will be different.

Affordable Price:

Focusing on the meticulous construction of equipment and complying with cost pricing, the price of the on-board stone crusher provided by FTM manufacturers is more affordable, ensuring that users can purchase more cost-effectively.

Price Quotation

How much is the mobile crusher? A variety of price consultation methods: online inquiry, or directly to the factory sales manager for face-to-face quotation.

After sales service

We will never let users down, and provide users with a full set of pre-sales purchase guidance, equipment testing, in-sale equipment inspection, contract signing, free after-sales installation, repair, maintenance and other services. FTM insists on being responsible for each user and safeguarding customer rights.