Stone Crusher

The stone crusher is a generic term for crushers and is used for coarse, medium and fine crushing of various ores. According to the principle, shape, special field and other factors, stone crusher can be divided into jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, roller crusher, sand maker, cone crusher and so on. Whatever which kind of crusher, although they are different in finished product size, they can all provide excellent productivity and low cost per ton.

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  • The sand making machine is mainly used for construction sand and road construction sand. It is suitable for medium and fine crushing (grain) of various hard and brittle materials, such as rock, (river) pebbles, granite, basalt, aggregate, and limestone. It has a maximum production capacity of 100t/h. The feed port of the machine is available in sizes from 35mm to 50 mm.

    Advantage:The sand maker is also a shaping machine, but mainly for hard material.

  • Hammer crusher is one of the main equipment for crushing brittle materials with medium hardness and below. It is mainly for all kinds of ore with compressive strength not exceeding 100MPa and water content less than 15%, such as gypsum, brick, limestone, coal, glass and so on. It has a maximum production capacity of 555t/h. The feed port of the machine is available in sizes from 200mm to 350 mm.

    Advantage: It can achieve once crushing without secondary crushing.

  • The jaw crusher is suitable for hard materials such as granite, basalt, limestone, quartz, concrete, aggregate, iron ore, gold ore, etc. It has a maximum production capacity of 2200 t/h. The feed port of the machine is available in sizes from 120mm to 1500 mm and the discharge port is available in sizes from 10mm to 400 mm.

    Advantage: The jaw plates of jaw crusher are made of high-manganese steel, which has stronger wear resistance and prolongs the lifespan of the machine.

  • Cone crusher is used to crush ore and rock with medium and above hardness (below 350 MPa), such as granite, basalt, concrete, limestone, quartz, river pebble, dolomite, aggregate, rock, iron ore, gold ore and so on. It has a maximum production capacity of 1000 t/h. The feed port of the machine is available in sizes from 65mm to 300 mm and the size of finished products is available from 3mm to 50 mm.

    Advantage: It is especially suitable for crushing various high hardness stones and ores.

  • The impact crusher can process materials with a side length of 100mm to 500 mm. It has a compressive strength of up to 350 MPa and is suitable for crushing materials with medium hardness such as limestone crushing in cement plants. It has a maximum production capacity of 550t/h. The feed port of the machine is available in sizes from 300mm to 700 mm.

    Advantage:The impact crusher is a shaping machine with good grain size and is suitable for industries with high grain size requirements.

Solution Configuration Reference:

equipped according to material hardness. Read More
  • 1 Option One:

    Hard Material: Pebble, Granite, etc.

    Choice: Jaw Crusher + Cone Crusher + Vertical Shaft Sand Making Machine

    Firstly, the material is coarsely broken by jaw crusher and then the cone crusher will give a medium crushing. Finally, the obtained semi-finished products are passed through the vertical shaft sand maker.

    The vertical shaft sand making machine has very good shaping effect. After its shaped products, the finished products have good grain shape and can meet the standard of building sand GB/T 14685-2001.

  • 2 Option Two:

    Medium Hardness Material: Limestone, etc.

    Choice: Jaw Crusher + Impact Crusher

    The jaw crusher is a coarse crushing machine, and the products obtained after crushing by jaw crusher need to enter the impact crusher to get further shaping processing, so that the product yield is high and the finished product is good.

  • 3 Option Three:

    Low Hardness Materials: Glass, Coal, etc.

    Choice: Hammer Crusher + Impact Crusher

    Hammer crusher is the equipment which can allow the material to be formed at one time. For industries with high grain size requirements, after the material is crushed by the hammer crusher, it needs to be further shaped by the impact crusher to achieve a more accurate finished product standard.

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