Calcium Carbonate Processing Equipment

By: Fote MachineryJuly 10th,2019

Calcium carbonate is an inorganic compound widely used in daily chemical industries such as artificial floor tiles, construction supplies, and rubber. It is the main component of raw limestone and calcite, and can also be called heavy calcium powder. After mining, it can be put into use through a series of processing processes. The approximate process is divided into two parts: crushing and milling. The stage of milling is relatively important.

What are the models of calcium carbonate processing equipment?

The milling equipment on the market includes Raymond mill, HGM German high-efficiency superfine mill, three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding mill, etc. The choice of what equipment to achieve better results is the focus of many investors and the problem that most users consider. Each device has different characteristics and advantages, and each user has different needs, so we can choose by knowing the devices, and their specific performance advantages are as follows.

Raymond Mill

The equipment is currently more popular, with a feed size of ≤30mm and a processing capacity of 8-176 tons/day. The Raymond mill produced by FTM is updated on the basis of the previous ones. The screening rate is higher than other equipment and the floor space is smaller. Its wearing parts are made of high manganese steel with long service life, efficient operation, and low consumption.

HGM German High-Efficiency Powder Grinding Mill

The HGM grinding mill uses a spring-loaded device for greater grinding power, with a feed size of ≤40mm and a processing capacity of 1.3-40 t/h. This equipment is based on years of experience in grinding equipment development and market demand, combined with better grinding technology and concept. Its unique modular design meets customers' different fineness requirements. The pulse dust removal device and the sealing structure realize automatic cleaning and extend the maintenance period.

Three-rings And Medium Speed Micro Powder Mill

The micro powder mill is compact in structure, with the adjustable fineness of 1400-3000 mesh and processing capacity of 500-7000 kg/h. The operation is safe and reliable, and there is no possibility that the bearing and its seal are vulnerable or the screw is loose to destroy the machine. Compared with other ordinary grinding equipment, the wearing parts of the micro powder mill have stronger wear resistance, and the closed pulverizing system can be dust-removed and has good environmental protection performance, which can effectively improve the working environment.

The three mills introduced above are highly appreciated by customers regardless of their own characteristics or their advantages in practical applications. FTM (Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.,) has full models of mills and decades of R&D experience to provide users with reliable equipment and thoughtful service. We support customized equipment and process, free after-sales maintenance, etc. The customers can make specific choices according to their needs, or they can find more details and model parameters through online consultation.