150×250 Jaw Crusher-Light and Flexible with Favourable Price

By: FTM MachineryJuly 16th,2018

Jaw crusher, the special equipment for crushing stones, is widely used in industries of sandstone, building and road. Most of jaw crushers we have seen are big and heavy. There is no doubt that their prices are high. So are there the light and flexible jaw crushers with favourable price? Of course, the 150×250 jaw crusher is one of them. With the features of small volume, easy installation, energy saving and good flexibility, this equipment is a better choice among light and flexible jaw crushers with reasonable price for customers.

一. This light and flexible 150×250 jaw crusher is ready for your tests.

As a small stone crusher, 150×250 jaw crusher is more suitable for firms that involve this industry for the first time or are developing on a small scale. Taking the following parameter into consideration is a must, while you are making a purchase of this jaw crusher.

1. It is about 720×660×850mm covering a small area. Taking note of the equipment size is needed to make enough space to install this machine.

2. The size of the feeding materials mouth is officially 150×250mm. The materials parameter must be less 125mm, which has limited the diameter on stones and slags being less than 125mm.

3. The adjustment range of discharging opening is between 10mm to 40mm. Generally, according to this range, we can control the discharging granularity freely .

4. The speed of eccentric shaft reaches 250r/min. The power of motor with standard configuration is 4P 5.5KW. The processing capacity of different stones is between 1 ton to 3 ton per hour.

5. With the standard weight of 0.8t and lightweight design, this equipment will be more flexible and easy to install for us.

二. Have you purchased the 150×250 jaw crusher with favourable price?

150×250 jaw crusher coming into a favour is not just ascribed to its lightweight and flexibility, but the favourable price is a even more crucial factor. As the equipment has a long development history and skilled technologies for hundred years, we are dedicated to more mature manufacturing theories to guarantee the favourable price. Otherwise, the majority of customers can afford within 100,000yuan($15.451), due to its small size. At the same time, the period in recovery of funds is shorter, and the cost of capital will be returned within 2 months. In other words, the purchases of this equipment will be stepping up.

Compared with the big and heavy jaw crusher, the 150×250 jaw crusher featuring lightweight and flexibility is worth to customers having a try. Of course, the require of production capacity must be in the range of 1-3T/H. This equipment realizes a low investment with small volume. Its scientific flywheel structure will make it more durable with low failure rate. This equipment will be an ideal choice for you to buy the green-jaw crushers. The reasons that you can find out are that more attention is given to the design of environment protection, less processing noise and dust pollution in a greater degree. If you are interested in this 150×250 jaw crusher, welcome to contact us Online.