Which one of the cone crusher and impact crusher is more suitable for secondary crushing?

By: FTM MachineryFebruary 23rd,2019

Secondary crushing is widely used in building materials, mining, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries. For the secondary crushing, we often use cone crusher and impact crusher. They can be used for the crushing of limestone, clinker, coal and other ores, especially for the artificial sand production of hard limestone, dolomite, granite, basalt or the processing and crushing of highway pavement stone, as well as the recycling of construction waste. As secondary crushing devices, the two are also different in their choice of use.

Broken Piece

1. Principle of breaking

Which one of the cone crusher and impact crusher is more suitable for secondary crushing?

Cone Crusher: Using the principle of laminating crushing, the rolling wall continuously moves toward the broken wall, and the material sandwiched between the two is pressed to be pulverized. The advanced design is to create the conditions for laminating and crushing as much as possible. It adopts the cavity shape design and increases the crushing force, so that it can get rid of the situation that the discharge level is completely controlled by the discharge port to realize the larger feed particle size, smaller discharge size and greater processing power.

Impact Crusher: Using the principle of impact crushing, the material is repeatedly impacted and broken between the plate hammer and the counter-attack liner. The specification of the impact crusher is based on the diameter and effective length of the rotor. It is reflected in the design of the counter-attack chamber, the counter-attack liner adjustment for different particle size requirements, and the replacement of the hammer. It can handle a variety of materials, the structure is relatively simple, and the production efficiency is relatively high.

2. Scope of application

Both the impact crusher and the cone crusher can be used as secondary crushing equipment, but the hardness of the materials used for crushing is different.

The cone crusher is widely used in metallurgical industry, building materials industry, road construction industry, chemical industry and silicic acid industry which is suitable for crushing medium and above hardness materials such as granite, basalt, tuff, river pebbles, etc.

The impact crusher is widely used in railways, highways, energy, cement, chemical, construction and other industries, such as highway construction, water conservancy projects, gravel processing for buildings, and reinforced concrete recycling of urban construction waste. It is suitable for crushing medium and below hardness and brittle materials such as limestone, limestone, brick and concrete.

Discharge Piece

Discharge size and finished grain size

Cone Crusher: The discharge is fine, the needle shape is more in the finished product, the grain shape is not good, and the machine is used more in mineral processing.

Impact Crusher: The discharge is coarser, and the finished product has fewer corners, more powder, and good grain shape. This machine is used in building materials and construction projects.

Capacity Piece

1. Capacity

Compared with the impact crusher, the cone crusher has the characteristics of low energy consumption, large output, stable production, etc., so the cone crusher is often used for large-scale and high-yield production line operations. The impact crusher has the characteristics of high crushing efficiency and convenient maintenance. It is commonly used in the construction of high-grade highway pavement stone yards and reinforced concrete for urban construction waste, which is used to crush materials with low toughness and brittleness.

2. Costs

The cone crusher is more expensive, but its consumables have a longer lifespan and avoid the hassle of replacing parts frequently. In the long run, the cone crusher has higher cost in the early stage and lower input cost in the later stage. The impact crusher is opposite. It seems that the cone crusher is more cost-effective than the impact crusher.


The impact crusher and cone crusher have their own advantages and disadvantages. Which kind of equipment is used in actual production, it depends on different materials, feed and discharge sizes, yields and input costs. If it is a small stone production line, it is recommended to consider the impact crusher. If it is a large stone production line and the material is hard, it is better to choose a cone crusher.