What Are the Supporting Equipment of the Briquette Machine

By: Fote MachineryNovember 16th,2021

With the continuous progress of the industrialization model, the early economic model of high pollution and high energy consumption can no longer meet the requirements of industrial development and the quality of life of residents. Enterprise manufacturers have established environmentally friendly and energy-saving production lines with briquette machine as the core and crushers, screens, conveyors and other equipment. This production line can press many previous industrial wastes and dusts into balls and then encourage enterprises to reprocess and reuse them, which plays a role in environmental protection. And what equipment is usually used for briquette machine?

1. Crusher

   There are two types of crushers usually matched with briquette machine, which are ordinary coarse crushing crushers and fine crushing crushers. Its function is to crush large pieces of material to meet the requirements of the next operation. In the beneficiation plant, it plays a role in separating useful minerals into monomers.  

2. Screening Machine

The process of dividing the broken materials into different grades through one or several layers of screen is called sieving. The screening machine uses the relative movement of the bulk material and the screen surface to make part of the particles pass through the screen holes, and divide the sand, gravel, crushed stone and other materials into different levels of vibration screening mechanical equipment according to the particle size.

3. Conveyor

   conveyor is very common in modern industrial production, and any industrial production is inseparable from the conveying process. Its prototype is the ancient high drum car and the water-lifting dump car, which can be said to have a long history. 


   The functions of the elevator and the conveyor are slightly similar. They both play a role in transportation, but the elevator is a large-scale equipment for transportation by changing the potential energy.  


   It is very common equipment, mainly used for mixing charcoal powder, cement, sand, and all kinds of dry mortar. It is also part of the briquette machine line.  

6.Rotary Dryer  

  Dryers are generally divided into civil and industrial uses. General industrial dryers are also called rotary dryers. They are equipment that uses heat energy to reduce the moisture of materials and dry materials.  

The above is the supporting equipment of the common briquette machine line. The briquette machine lineis mainly energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and conforms to the route of recyclable development. It is believed that it will become the core force in industrial production in the future. To customize the briquette machine line, you need to find a professional design institute for design. According to the size of the project, determine the type and specifications of the equipment required for the entire production line, as well as the site, water and electricity, civil engineering, etc., and make a preliminary budget.Welcome to consult with.