What are the processing capacities, technical parameters and prices of 1557 & 2430 ball mills?

By: FTM MachineryDecember 19th,2018

Ball mill is one of the necessary ore grinding processing equipment for industrial sectors such as mineral processing and building materials. Ball mill achieves higher industrial and economic value through deep processing of various ores. It can be divided into dry and wet working modes. It has many characteristics such as high grinding efficiency, durability, long life, energy saving and environmental protection. It is widely used in the production of cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizers, black and non-ferrous metal beneficiation and glass ceramics.

The 1557 ball mill and the 2430 ball mill are two types of ball mills that are in high demand on the market. Many customers are greatly concerned about their processing capabilities, technical parameters, and market quotations. As a senior manufacturer of ball mills, here we will answer your questions.

Processing Capacities

1. Capacity of 1557 ball mill: 3.5t/h-6t/h

2. Capacity of 2430 ball mill: 7t/h-50t/h

On the basis of fixed models, the output of ball mill is generally defined in a certain range, but if users want to further increase production and quickly recover costs, they can also change the following aspects:

a. Keep the material evenly and continuously delivered to the ball mill to ensure that the equipment is constantly being fed and not blocked.

b. The inlet and outlet ports can be adjusted freely, so take advantage of this to further increase production.

c. Since the ball mill uses steel balls as the grinding medium, it can increase the grinding area or increase the number of steel balls to increase the output.

d. Adding grinding aids to the mill can effectively increase its production capacity.

Technical Parameters

Regarding the technical parameters of 1557 ball mill and 2430 ball mill, the main concern of customers is the amount of ball loading, cylinder speed, grain size of incoming and outgoing materials, motor power, etc. Here we will give an introduction.

1. 1557 Ball Mill: ball loading: 12t, cylinder speed: 28r/min, grain size of incoming materials: ≤25mm, grain size of outgoing materials: 0.074-0.4mm, motor power: 130Kw.

2. 2430 Ball Mill: ball loading: 12t, cylinder speed: 21r/min, grain size of incoming materials: ≤25mm, grain size of outgoing materials: 0.074-0.4mm, motor power: 130Kw.


As two different types of ball mill, the prices of 1557 and 2430 ball mills are certain different. By comparison, the price of 2430 ball mill is higher than the 1557 ball mill in the same manufacturer, because the former has higher production capacity and more impressive revenue, while the latter is more suitable for small and medium-sized manufacturers whose price is cheaper and the production capacity is relatively lower.

The price of ball mill has always been a big puzzle for users. The market price of this equipment is generally not clearly marked because it involves different manufacturers, different manufacturing methods, different purchasing channels, production materials, and the difference of each type of equipment, etc. All of the above will affect the price of the ball mill more or less. For specific equipment quotations, customers also need to consult the manufacturer directly. As a professional manufacturer of ball mills, FTM specializes in the production of ball mills for more than 40 years, providing customers with high-yield and energy-saving ball mills. Welcome to consult online for more details.