What Are the Heat Dissipation Methods of the Briquette Machine

By: FTM MachinerySeptember 18th,2021

Heat dissipation is a problem that most mechanical equipment must pay attention to and solve. The briquette machine, naturally, can't get rid of this universal problem. If the heat dissipation of the briquette machine is not in place, it is easy to cause damage to many parts such as belts and pulleys, which will affect the normal operation of the briquette machine. So what are the heat dissipation methods of the briquette machine? Today, we will introduce some heat dissipation methods of the briquette machine in detail for your reference.

1. The heat dissipation method of the briquette machine motor

The important power component of the briquette machine is the motor. The motor of the briquette machine guarantees the power supply of the drive part, the feeding part and other parts. The motor will emit a lot of heat during the transmission process. This heat not only burdens the motor itself, but also burdens the components close to the motor and the briquette machine. One is that overheating of the motor itself will cause the motor to burn out, and in serious cases, it will also cause combustion and cause a series of fires. In addition, if the heat dissipated by the motor is too large, the surrounding components will be easily deformed or burned under high temperature for a long time. The deformation of the components will also cause the ball press to operate abnormally or even fail to work.

As for the heat dissipation of the briquette machine motor, firstly, a cooling fan can be installed in each main part of the briquette machine. Also pay attention not to let the briquette machine work for a long time with high power, which will not only overheat the briquette machine motor, but also affect the service life of the briquette machine. In addition, in the process of purchasing the briquette machine, you should not blindly pursue cheapness and buy a low-power motor. In severe cases, there may be safety hazards.

2. The heat dissipation method during the working process of the briquette machine

In addition to heat dissipation of the briquette machine motor, there are also some heat dissipation measures in the working process of the briquette machine.

The working principle of briquette machine is to press the material required in the corresponding mold cavity. When the object is pressed and deformed by high pressure, it will generate and release heat. Therefore, during the working process of the briquette machine, a little humidification treatment should be performed on the material, which not only let the material to be better shaped, but also has a certain cooling effect. .

Secondly, when operating the briquette machine for work, it is necessary to control the working pressure of the briquette machine within the appropriate range, and not overpressure, overload, or over-travel operation to prevent dangerous accidents. The briquette machine must be tested before it works, and it can be used normally after inspecting all parts.

The above is the method of heat dissipation of the briquette machine for everyone. For more knowledge about the briquette machine, please consult Henan Fote Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. to solve your various questions about the briquette machine.