What Are the Classifications of Common Briquette Machine

By: FTM MachinerySeptember 18th,2021

Judging the quality of the briquette machine can mainly be based on the production efficiency, production quality, and equipment durability. The correct method of choosing a briquette machine mainly depends on the manufacturer, equipment and after-sales service. But there are many types of briquette machine, and many people are not clear about the types and differences between them. So, what are the classifications of common briquette machine?

1. Classification by pressure

1.1. Low-pressure briquette machine

Low-pressure briquette machine is suitable for wet powder, that is, water or other liquid binder should be added to the material in a proper proportion. The low-pressure briquette machine has a good effect on the pressing of a variety of materials, such as: light burned magnesia powder, iron oxide scale, steel mill sludge, iron fine powder, etc.

1.2. High-pressure briquette machine

High-pressure briquette machine is a molding equipment that uses a rotating press roller with a hemispherical groove to press loose powder into balls. All waste materials in the metallurgical industry and auxiliary materials that need to be loaded into the furnace need to be completed by a briquette machine. And it is widely used in refractory materials, power plants, metallurgy, chemical industry, energy, transportation, heating and other industries.

The high-pressure briquette machine is mainly used to compress powdery materials that are difficult to form. It is characterized by high forming pressure, adjustable host speed, and screw feeding device.

1.3. Constant pressure briquette machine

Constant pressure is the inclined iron pressure mode, mainly for some materials with small specific gravity, such as: coal powder, coke powder, carbon powder and other materials. If the specific gravity of material is small, choosing this type is a good choice for you, both in terms of use effect and economic aspects.

2. Classification by processed materials

2.1. Coal Briquette machine

Briquette machine is also called coal briquette machine. It is a device for pressing powdered materials into balls. All powdery materials that need to be compressed into balls can be completed by briquette machines, mainly used for cold pressed pellets of coal powder, coal slime, medium coal, coke powder, coking coal and metallurgical powder, and refractory materials.

2.2. Mineral powder briquette machine

The mineral powder briquette machine directly compresses the crushed mineral materials into balls without adding water. All the metallurgical industry waste materials need to be completed by the slag forming machine. It mainly presses various iron powder, mineral powder, iron oxide scale, steel slag, refractory materials, etc. For example: dust removal ash, pool mud, oxide scale, steel slag, iron powder, aluminum ash powder, silicomanganese ore powder and so on.

2.3. Desulfurization gypsum briquette machine

It is a kind of mechanical equipment for processing gypsum materials, widely used in general building materials industry and processes materials with high water content. The desulfurized gypsum powder can be pressed into balls at one time without adding any binder, the ball formation rate is more than 95%. The pressed balls have strong hardness and are not easily broken during transportation. The processing and utilization of desulfurized gypsum can reduce the discharge of industrial waste residues, which is conducive to environmental protection.

The above is an introduction to the classification of common briquette machine, I hope it can be helpful to everyone. Fute focuses on the research and development and production of various briquette machine. The material extrusion effect is good, the ball formation rate is high, and the equipment quality is guaranteed. It has passed the international quality management system certification. Interested parties are welcome to leave a message and call for consultation or come to the company for on-site visits.