The 4×60m Lime Rotary Kiln Is Sealed, Flexible & Environmentally Friendly

By: Fote MachineryJune 19th,2019

There are many kinds of rotary kiln on the market, which can be divided into limestone kiln, cement kiln and metallurgy kiln according to the processed materials. The 4*60m lime rotary kiln refers to the calcining kiln with a diameter of 4m and a length of 60m used for calcining limestone. The equipment is widely invested and praised by customers. The FTM rotary kiln has the advantages of good sealing performance, flexible speed, high production and environmental protection.

The dimensions of 4*60m lime rotary kiln

Product Specification: Φ4.0×60

Diameter: 4m

Length: 60m

Obliquity: 3.5%

Capacity: 2500t/h

Rotation Speed: 0.396-3.96r/min

Power: 315kw

Weight: 510t

Advantages analysis of lime rotary kiln:

1. Good sealing performance

The feeding port and the discharging port of the cylinder are provided with sealing devices, which can effectively prevent cold air from entering and dust from overflowing the cylinder.

2. Flexible speed

The ring gear of the rotary kiln rotating device is reasonable in design, flexible and controllable. The cylinder can be rotated according to the customer's requirements, and the customer can operate conveniently.

3. Easy installation and maintenance

The reasonable structure allows the cylinder to rotate at a very low speed, and the rotary kiln is provided with an auxiliary transmission device, which is convenient for the customer to install and maintain later.

4. High production and environmental protection

The lime rotary kiln is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the output is high, which can meet the customers' modern and environmentally-friendly production and guarantee its output.

High Cost Performance

The FTM lime rotary kiln is relatively cost-effective, so our customers have consulted and purchased.

1. FTM has nearly 40 years of rich production experience and a complete production system. The advanced manufacturing process of the products, the large scale of the manufacturers, and the direct sales model all effectively reduce the production costs.

2. FTM is a combination of online and offline sales models. Online promotion will save on sales costs, enabling offline sales to be sold directly at low prices, allowing customers to enjoy lower-priced products.

3. FTM is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China, with low consumption levels and low prices, so the overall rotary kiln offer is more affordable.

FTM (Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.,) produces more models and specifications of lime rotary kiln, please click on the online customer service for consultation, there will be a professional rotary kiln manager to serve you!