Safety Precautions When Operating Stone Crusher

By: FTM MachineryNovember 27th,2018

Ⅰ. Reasonable use of the crusher

1. The feed specification of the crusher shall not exceed 0.85 times the size of the feed port.

2. The jaw crusher must be started at no load.

3. Jaw crusher is suitable for crushing hard and medium hard ore.

Ⅱ. Preparation & Inspection before Operation

1. Before starting the crusher, the lubrication system must be started first until the oil return is normal.

2. Check the oil circuit system for blockage and oil leakage when refueling each lubrication point.

3. Check that the various instruments are normal.

4. Check for any ore or other non-crushed residue in the crushing chamber.

5. Check that the motor interlock, light signal and protective equipment are complete and functioning.

Ⅲ. Start Operation of the Crusher

The crusher can be started after the above inspections and preparations have been completed.

1. Start the ventilation and water supply system while starting the lubrication system.

2. According to the process flow, start the ore conveying system of the crusher.

3. Start the jaw crusher at no load.

4. After the crusher is operating normally, start the feeding system.

Ⅳ. Shutdown Operation & Emergency Shutdown Treatment

1. You must wait until the ore is completely discharged before stopping.

2. The feeding system should be stopped first before stopping the crusher.

3. The oil pump and cooling water system should be stopped after the host is down for 5 minutes.

4. Emergency shutdown should occur in the following situations:

a. The main bearing or the moving bearing is heated up to over 80 °C.

b. The front or rear thrust plate is broken.

c. The high speed rotating transmission is loose or broken.

Ⅴ. Precautions of Safety Operation

1. In operation, it is often monitored whether the various instruments are normal and the components have abnormal noise.

2. The electrical interlocking system of the crusher oil pressure cannot be removed under any circumstance.

3. During the operation of the machine, the staff shall not use their hands to take large pieces of ore or other items entering the machine.

4. When dealing with the jaw crushing problem of blocking, the ore in the head of feeder should be disposed of first, and then the ore in the crusher is treated downwards from the top, prohibited from being processed upward from the lower part of the discharge port.