Precautions for Replacing the Ball Mill Liner

By: FTM MachineryOctober 23rd,2018

The ball mill is mainly composed of main working parts such as cylinder, lining plate and gear. The lining plate needs to have good wear resistance, and the replacement of the ball mill lining plate is very important. Due to the high working intensity of the ball mill, it is very important to carry out daily maintenance and the maintenance of the ball mill is a regular work. For ball mills to work better, the selection, replacement and maintenance of the liner is a problem that must be paid attention to. The following are precautions for the replacement of the ball mill liner:

1. When the ball mill liner wears 70% or has a 70mm crack, it should be replaced in time.

2. The ball mill liner bolts should be replaced if they are damaged and the liner is loose.

3. The main bearing of the ball mill should be replaced when it is severely worn.

4. After the gear surface of the ball mill gear is worn to a certain extent, instead of replacing the new large gear, the large gear is turned over and then used. However, if the pinion is worn out, it should be replaced in time.

5. When the ball mill's inlet and outlet spirals wear, it should be repaired in time. If it is too worn, it should be replaced with new parts. When the ball screw of the ball mill is loose or damaged, it should be repaired and strengthened in time!

Ball mills are indispensable mechanical equipment in the field of mine production. The ball mill liner acts to protect the ball mill, because if there is no liner cushioning, the ball mill's barrel will be directly damaged, and the ball mill will wear faster. If it is necessary to change the cylinder at intervals, the cost of the ball mill beneficiation will be greatly improved, so the lining plate plays a protective role for the ball mill cylinder and is one of its indispensable components.

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