Overhaul and Cleaning of Briquette Machine

By: Fote MachineryJuly 26th,2021

The overhaul and cleaning of the briquette machine is to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. The inspection of parts is an important part of it, because only through the inspection of the ball press and its parts can we determine the technical status and the technological measures to be taken. In the process of overhaul and cleaning, the main content is divided into the following aspects:

1. Inspection of the precision of briquette machine parts:

The precision of parts includes dimensional precision and shape and position precision, but sometimes the maintenance work does not inspect the size of a single briquette machine part, but requires relative matching precision, which is an important part of the inspection work.

2. Inspection of defects and vulnerabilities of briquette machine:

In the production of briquette machine, there may be some internal defects such as slag inclusions and voids. When the briquette machine is running, microscopic cracks will occur, which will affect the quality of the formed ball. Therefore, the briquette machine must be comprehensively inspected.

3. Inspection of the surface quality of the briquette machine:

It is not only to detect the brightness of the surface, but also to carefully check the surface of the ball press for defects such as scratches, burns, and napping.

4. Cleaning of briquette machine

After the briquette machine is finished working, there will be a lot of dust, so clean some important parts by using professional cleaning tools, such as using a brush or a damp cloth to remove the dust attached to it. If there is too much remaining material, it can be recovered and used again next time, and the remaining material that cannot be used is cleaned up in time.

Strictly mastering the technical standards to improve the technical level of inspection operations is a measure to ensure the quality of machine parts inspection. For this reason, attention must be paid to the improvement of inspection technology, special training must be given to important inspection equipment, and various inspectors must be relatively stable.