Briquette Machine

The briquette machine is a kind of mechanical equipment for pressing powder particles into a spherical shape. The granular powder that is often difficult to form can be formed quickly and stably by a briquette machine, such as coke powder molding, pulverized coal forming, desulfurization gypsum molding, dry powder molding, metal slag forming and iron filings. The use of a briquette machine not only reduces dust, but also facilitates return and utilization, and can enhance capacity and reduce transportation difficulty.

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Briquette Machine
Briquette Machine

Why FTM Briquette Machine ?

The briquette machine can be used to press powdered materials such as coal powder, charcoal powder, coal slurry, coal slag, coke powder, and carbon powder, and is widely used in coal briquettes plant, steel mills, power plants, chemical plants, and cement plants as well as metallurgical, chemical, energy, heating and other industries.

The briquette machine plays an important role in the molding process, and the wheel is the most core part of the equipment. The two types of wheels have the same diameter and the axes are parallel to each other, and there is a certain gap. On the wheel, there are hemispherical nests with the regular arrangement, uniform shape, and the same size. When the motor starts running, the wheels start to rotate at the same speed but in the opposite direction. When the material passes through the junction of the pair of wheels, it is subjected to pressure and the volume becomes smaller. As the wheel continues to rotate, the ball socket is slowly closed, the material is subjected to a greater force, and the volume is further compressed. When the distance of the ball and socket is the shortest, the maximum molding pressure is reached. Subsequently, the rotation of the wheel gradually increases the distance between the ball and socket, and the molding pressure is gradually reduced to achieve the purpose of smooth ball removal.

Technical Data

Model Roller Diameter
Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Reducer
FTMQ290 290 1-2.5 5.5-7.5 350
FTMQ360 360 3-5 7.5-11 350
Heavy FTMQ360 360 3-5 7.5-11 400
FTMQ430 430 5-8 15 400
Heavy FTMQ430 430 5-8 15 500
FTMQ500 500 8-11 30 650
FTMQ650 650 10-15 37-45 750
FTMQ750 750 20-25 45 750
FTMQ850 850 20-28 55 850
FTMQ1000 1000 25-35 90 1000


1. It can suppress finished products of different shapes according to the needs of customers.

2. The rotation speed is stable, the molding rate is high, and the pressed product has an excellent appearance.

3. The mold release is smoother, the generated dust is less, and the noise is less.

4. Because the structure is compact and simple, it takes up a small space and can work stably and continuously.

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