Maintenance & Precautions for the Operation of the Spiral Classifier

By: FTM MachinerySeptember 21st,2019

The spiral classifier is the irreplaceable grading equipment in the current beneficiation process, and it is widely used in metal ore dressing. The working principle of the spiral separator is to sort according to the specific gravity of the material particles, and some classifiers also have the function of decalcification. This article focuses on the maintenance and inspection aspects of the operation of the spiral classifier.

The following parts should be checked frequently during operation and the results should be recorded in the operation record in detail:

1. Bearings of each part: check that the temperature of each bearing must not exceed 70 degrees.

2. All parts of the body: whether the bolts of each part are loose or not; check for abnormal vibrating and noise.

3. Motor: the temperature must not exceed 60 degrees, whether there is abnormal noise, vibrating, and smell.

Daily maintenance of the spiral classifier:

1. The oil in the reducer must be completely replaced with new oil within one week of the load operation. Replace it every six months thereafter, check the oil level at any time and add it in time.

2. Lubricate the rest of the lubrication points with calcium or sodium grease and screw the oil cup once per shift.

3. The grease of the large shaft bearing is cleaned and replaced once a year.

4. The spiral lining should be replaced in time after wear.

Malfunction causes and troubleshooting of spiral classifier:

1. Broken shaft processing: usually because the amount of sand returning is large and small, the load is uneven, the shaft material processing quality is poor, the installation is not correct or the shaft is bent, and the shaft can be welded or changed.

2. Spiral leaves or spokes are bent: due to the excessive amount of sand returning, the returning sand tank is blocked, and there is too much sand returning at the start, which is caused by insufficient spiral lifting before driving. This can be solved by correcting or replacing the spiral leaves or spokes.

3. Lifting gear idling when descending: it maybe because there is too much grit in the tank, which can be solved by digging the grit.

4. Lifting rod vibrating: it may be caused by bending of the shaft head, sanding in the lower shaft head, and grinding of the shaft head ball. Cleaning and replacement are all possible.

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