Maintenance of the Dryer

By: FTM MachineryNovember 07th,2018

The dryer is a drying device that can dry a variety of materials, which is simple and reliable to operate. Because the dryer has the advantages of reliable operation, strong adaptability and large processing capacity, it is widely used in the fields of building materials, food, light industry, chemical industry, coal, medicine, etc., and is deeply loved by users. In order to ensure the safer use of the dryer, we need to do the following maintenance work:

1. Check each moving part before working: check the bearing, conveyor belt and V-belt, repair or replace in time if damaged.

2. Lubrication: they need to be supplemented with lubricating oil whenever the hot air blower works for 100 hours and the cooler works for 400 hours. And every 1000 hours of operation, the motor needs to be maintained and replaced with grease.

3. The dryer should be maintained for each working season to clean up the debris in the inner duct. At the same time, the operator should loosen the tensioning wire of the hoist and clean up the adherend on the fan blades and the ash of the hot blast stove exchanger.

4. If the dryer is working outdoors, the corresponding rain and snow protection measures must be taken. The whole machine needs to undergo a large-scale maintenance and overhaul every year, and it needs to be painted every two years.

5. The dryer mainly relies on the rotation of the gear to promote the operation of the whole equipment, and most of the dryers work outside, so we must do a good job of maintenance of the equipment gears. These gears should be inspected regularly and checked the derusting.