Magnetic & Maintenance of Magnetic Separator

By: Fote MachineryOctober 22nd,2019

The most prominent equipment in the construction of mineral processing around us is now a magnetic separator. The users who have used it know that the equipment of the magnetic separator is mainly embodied in the magnetic properties of the equipment. It can be said that the usual production work is also inseparable from the magnetic properties of the equipment itself. Because the magnetic strength of the device itself is different, under the action of magnetism, the raw materials to be processed can flow in different directions, and the fineness of various sandstone materials can be raised to a very high level.

It is precisely because the magnetic separator is widely used in the industries around us, so the number of times of use will gradually increase. If you add the usual carelessness, there will be various damages caused by improper use. The magnetic strength of the magnetic separator is closely related to the maintenance of the equipment. Users who use magnetic separators must properly maintain their equipment by following the guidance of the equipment manufacturer's professional staff when purchasing equipment. For the inspection of the equipment, here at the FTM (Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.) professional to tell you about the construction of the magnetic separator and related technical maintenance issues.

The whole magnetic separator machine is mainly composed of a roller, a cylinder, a brush roller, a tank body, a magnetic system, and a transmission. The cylinder is rolled into a cylinder from a 2-3 mm stainless steel plate, and the end caps are cast aluminum pieces or workpieces and are connected with the cylinder by stainless steel screws. Customers should pay attention to the maintenance of the magnetic separator. Good maintenance can not only extend the service lifespan of the equipment but also reduce the failure rate of the equipment and make the equipment stable and unobstructed for long-term operation.

1. Always check the wear layer on the cylinder and repair it in time for loose or broken ends. When repairing, the strips and cylinder surfaces at the break should be sanded and then glued firmly.

2. It is an important part of extending the service lifespan to maintain a good lubrication state, and it is necessary to fill the oil at least once every three months.

3. The rod head or wire in the slurry should be removed at any time to prevent the barrel from being worn or scratched, and at the same time if there is any foreign matter on the cylinder through the observation holes at both ends when stopping.

4. The magnetic separation operator should always contact the grinding miner to keep abreast of the influence of the change of the slurry concentration on the magnetic separation.

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