Introduction of Coal Briquette Machine

By: FTM MachineryAugust 24th,2021

1. What is coal briquette

The coal briquette machine is mainly used to compress powdery materials that are difficult to form. Coal briquette is made by the coal briquette machine which uses coal dust or coal fine. Sometimes we add other materials such as adhesives or other things to make briquette, because most fine coal is difficult to form together.

2. Why coal briquette

When we mine the coal, transport it, dry it, there comes a lot of coal dust. Coal briquette is a good way to deal with these fine or dust as briquette has more burning value and utilization rate.

3. Factors affecting of coal briquette

Coal briquette is easy to get by using coal briquette machine. But still there’s something we need to pay attention to.

Coal fines

Not all of the coal dust we use is with very small size, we need to ensure our raw material with the proper size, like under 5mm or under 3mm are both good size for coal briquette making.


Before you make your coal briquette with a coal briquette machine, make sure the moisture is proper for coal briquette making, and also notice, different briquette machines are with the different requirement on raw material’s moisture.


Coal binder not only helps to make the briquette be formed but also it helps to increase the strength of coal briquette, such as starch, clay, pitch, etc.

4. FTM-Coal briquette machine for sale –Customize for free

Briquette shape: Round, Square, Pillow, Oval, etc

Processing capacity:1-35t/h


1. Rapid and stable molding

2. High-density molded sphere

3. Easy to transport and store

4. Reduce energy consumption and environmental protection

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