How to Use the Bucket Elevator Correctly

By: FTM MachineryAugust 12th,2019

The bucket elevator is suitable for lifting materials from low to high. After the supply material is placed in the hopper through the vibrating table, the machine automatically runs continuously upwards. The customer can adjust the transfer speed according to the transfer amount and can select the lift height as needed. It has the advantages of simple structure, small floor space, advanced technical indicators, reliable work, convenient use, and maintenance.

The bucket elevator machine has low driving power, adopts inflow feeding, induction discharge, and large-capacity hopper densely arranged. There are almost no return and material excavation during the material lifting process, so the reactive power is small and the lifting range is wide. The bucket elevator requires fewer types and characteristics of materials. It can not only handle general powdery and small granular materials but also can handle high abrasion materials due to its good sealing performance, less environmental pollution, good operational reliability and advanced. Its unique design and processing method ensure the reliability of the whole machine operation, and the trouble-free time exceeds 20,000 hours. The lifting height is very high. The equipment runs smoothly and can reach a higher lifting height. The service life is long. The feeding of the hoist is inflow type, no need to use the bucket to excavate, and there are almost no pressing and collision between the materials.

The bucket elevator should be maintained and managed by the designated personnel, and the key of the power switch box should be also managed by the designated personnel.

1. The bucket elevator must be equipped with a lift limiter and travel limiter. The limiter should be configured to lift the pulley to a distance of 300 mm from the reel or pulley.

2. The weight should not exceed the maximum load of the bucket elevator when lifting or landing.

3. Check the safety devices such as the lift limiter, stroke limiter and interlock switch before power transmission.

4. After the work is completed, the hoisting sling should be grounded, then cut off the power and close the upper and lower guardrail doors.

5. Always maintain the environment around the bucket elevator.

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