Hot Selling Rotary Dryer

By: FTM MachineryMay 22nd,2020


The rotary dryer is a kind of equipment that uses coal, natural gas and other fuels to dry various minerals. It is an indispensable drying machine in mineral processing, it is widely used in building materials, metallurgy, chemistry, and cement industry. You can choose the right machine according to the materials they process.

2.Product Details:

The auxiliary equipment of the rotary dryer includes a feeder, a feed conveyor, a discharge conveyor, an induced draft fan, a hot air stove, and a dust collector. Its basic structure also includes the following parts: the feeding/discharge hood, the barrel body, the support device, the transmission.

3.Working Principle

During the process of the material entering the cylinder and moving along the axis of the cylinder, on the one hand, material is heated by the cylinder, and on the other hand, it is exchanged with hot air during the process of being lifted by the lifting plate. The moisture of the wet material is evaporated during the heating process, and the moisture content is gradually reduced.


4.1 20T/H Sand Rotary Dryer In Zambia

Capacity: 20T/H

Processed Material: Sand

Customer's Feedback: In the installation process, Fote's excellent customer service has earned more trust. The production flow is smooth and there are no failures. The wear-resistance ability is strong and working efficiency is high. We are very satisfied with the drying performance.

4.2 10T/H Coal Rotary Dryer In South Africa

Capacity: 10t/H

Processed Material: Coal

Customer's Feedback:

With a friendly technical discussion with our engineers, we are very satisfied with your production, feeding the material and welding processes, and the company's reputation in the industry for many years let us make sure that we have found the most suitable supplier.

5.FTM®Rotary Dryer Manufacturer

Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., which has been in existence for more than 30 years since its establishment. It has three production bases in China and its products are sold to more than 160 countries around the world, including South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Zambia, Nigeria, Uganda, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Egypt, Australia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, etc.

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