Construction Waste Treatment Production Line

By: FTM MachinerySeptember 08th,2018

Case description: This production line is the key process for the recycling of industrial construction waste. According to the customer's handling requirements for the demolition of construction waste, our company has specially tailored this mobile construction waste treatment production line to the user, which is mainly composed of a feeding system, a crushing system, a screening system, a conveying system, and a power system for realizing the fluidity crushing operation of construction waste.

Processing Material: construction waste

Daily Output: 300t-450t

Grouped Equipment: mobile crushing machine, mobile screening plant, feeding equipment and so on

Material Introduction 

Construction waste is a kind of industrial waste that is more common in the development of urban and rural construction. If it is not treated well, it will not only waste the available resources, but also threaten the environment on which people depend for survival. Therefore, the current market urgently needs to develop and produce a type of construction waste recycling equipment for the secondary utilization of construction waste.

Production Process

The construction waste generated after the building is demolished must be pretreated until the granularity of the material can enter the crusher; the material will be sent by the excavator to the vibrating feeder. The fine waste is pre-screened by the feeder and discharged, and the large material is broken into the impact crusher. A de-ironing device is placed above the discharge conveyor of the impact crusher to separate the rebar from the construction waste, and the material is sent to a mobile screening station for screening. The large material returns to the impact crusher, and the small material is sent to each finished material pile through the conveyor. The whole production process has advantages of strong mobility and high crushing efficiency, which meets the requirements of users.

The User's Evaluation of the Stone Production Line

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