Compound Crusher for Crushing Stones with High Water Content

By: FTM MachinerySeptember 17th,2018

If the water content in the stone is too high, the general crusher is easily clogged when the stone is broken. Do you have such troubles?

In recent years, the price of stone materials has grown rapidly, and the number of users who invest in sand and gravel plants has been endless. Quartz stone, granite, marble, sandstone, bluestone, pebbles, silica and other mechanical sand materials have also received attention. Different stones have different components and properties. There are always some materials with high water content, which are not easy to be broken. So what should we do? A compound crusher is recommended.

The compound crusher is set without a sieve bar, and even if the stone containing a large amount of sediment is not blocked, which is a device for crushing various stones with high moisture content. There are many models of this device, and the currently used models are 800 and 1750.

1. Different Models, Different Yields

The 800 compound crusher is a small-sized crusher with an output of 5-15t/h and a motor power of 4P 30Kw; the 1750 compound crusher is equipped with 8P 132kW and the output is in the range of 40-100t/h.

Technical Parameters: Specification; Processing Capacity (t/h); Motor Power (Kw)

800; 5-15t/h; 4P 30Kw

1000; 10-30t/h; 4P 55Kw

1250; 20-60t/h; 6P 90Kw

1500; 30-80t/h; 8P 110Kw

1750; 40-100t/h; 8P 132Kw

Of course, the output of different types of composite breaks is not only related to its motor power, but also its own structural design, volume and so on. Users should choose a reasonable type when purchasing equipment; however, if you have a suitable motor, you can contact our sales manager to select the appropriate model for you.

2. Efficient, Affordable

Relatively, the crushing effect of compound crusher is more efficient, which has the characteristics of smooth operation, low noise, less pollution, simple daily maintenance, long life and few failures. The compound crusher has a good targeted crushing effect on medium and high hardness materials such as shale, glass, bluestone, iron ore, gold ore, ceramics, cement clinker, etc., especially on the mechanism sand production line, which is often seen. It is the favorite choice of most stone factories.

So how much is compound crusher? Different types of crushers have different output and price. Of course, the 1750 compound crusher is more expensive. However, in general, the series of crushers are generally low in price, and they are medium-consumption stone crushing equipment, which is more suitable for users of low and medium-level economical stone factories to invest.

Consult the specific price of compound crusher online. In addition, our manufacturer also produces a variety of other types of compound crusher. Different kinds of output can be achieved, and we can customize the right machine for the customer according to the customer's needs.