Common Faults and Solutions of Briquette Machine

By: FTM MachineryDecember 22nd,2020

Briquette machine is a large-scale machine, composed of feeding device, hydraulic system, main machine, control system, synchronous gear box and other components. Due to wear or improper operation during work, some common failures may be caused and daily production may be affected. Here are some common fault types and solutions for ball presses.

Common faults and solutions of briquette machine:

1. The pellets are not well formed and the ball formation rate decreases.


Insufficient material supply, too small hydraulic pressure, roll skin quenched soft and deformed ball socket.


Insufficient material supply will make the briquette machine have no material to press, so it is necessary to provide enough materials for the ball press machine;

If the hydraulic pressure is too small, the material will not be fully compressed, which can reduce the speed of the main engine and increase the working pressure of the system;

If the quenching hardness of the roll skin is not high, it will reduce the forming pressure of the ball press. The surface heat quenching treatment or replacement of the roll skin can be performed;

The deformation of the ball and socket will make the shape of the material uneven, and the ball should be replaced in time.

2. The surface of pellets is dry and cracked.


The pressure value of the ball press is insufficient and the moisture content is low.


Appropriately increase the pressure ball forming pressure and increase the water content of the raw material.

3. The ball does not fall off.


The material has high moisture content, insufficient ball embryo pressure strength, rough surface of ball socket, etc.


Increase the pressure intensity, polish the ball socket, and ensure the surface of the ball socket is smooth.

4. Insufficient oil pressure in hydraulic system


The oil suction port is blocked, and the gasket at the joint is deformed.


Clean the suction port after it is blocked. Replace gasket at joint if deformed.

5. Ball and socket misalignment


The adjusting sleeve bolt is loose or the roller skin and the bearing are loose.


Tighten the bolts after adjusting the socket of the briquette machine; replace the roller bearing.

Briquette machine is a very common machine in machinery. It and crushers are all indispensable equipment in some operations. The above common faults and solutions of ball presses hope to help everyone in daily life.

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