Causes of Damage to Hydraulic Cone Crusher’s Broken Gears

By: Fote MachineryOctober 09th,2018

Gear is an important driving part in hydraulic cone crusher. In the process of using, if you do not pay attention to the correct operation, or the maintenance work of the gear is not in place, it is easy to cause damage to the crusher’s gear. Here, we will analyze the causes of damage to them.

1. If there are unbreakable impurities in the material, such as iron blocks and other metal materials, when we crush and process the stone, even if the spring safety device of the equipment can play a certain overload protection function, but when the iron is frequent or the grain size is large, it can also cause spring failure, and cause damage to other parts of the body, even more serious damage to the gear.

2. When we use the hydraulic cone crusher to crush the stone, the transmission form of the cone crusher is a rigid connection. An electric motor is rigidly connected to the gear through an elastic coupling. When there is a phenomenon of over iron in the cone crusher or the equipment is overloaded, it is easy to damage the gears.

3. When the gear mesh of the hydraulic cone crusher is not suitable, it can also cause damage to the gears. Because when the gears are not meshed perfectly, the tooth side clearance and the tooth top clearance will not be within the prescribed range, which will cause the gears to be damaged in a short time.

4. If we do not choose the proper type of lubricating oil for the hydraulic cone crusher’s gears, or the daily lubrication maintenance work is not done well in the course of daily use, there will be a shortage of lubricating oil or contamination of the lubricating oil, etc. during the operation of the equipment for a long time, which will aggravate the wear of the parts and cause the damage of the gears.

5. If the hydraulic cone crusher has been overloaded for a long time, fatigue crack will occur in the root of the tooth. And if the equipment is not protected when the treated material produces great impact force, it can cause serious wear even fracture of the gears.