6 Ways to Increase the Output of the Ball Mill

By: FTM MachineryApril 30th,2019

Ball mill is the important grinding equipment with high application ratio in cement industry. Its output and quality directly affect the production efficiency of the entire production line. This article shares six methods for increasing the output of cement ball mill.

1. Use Cement Grinding Aid

It can improve the grinding efficiency to add a small amount of cement grinding aid during the grinding process, which is beneficial to the high quality, energy saving and high yield of ball mill. There is a company in China who used cement grinding aid in the processing. The increase rate of ball mill production is more than 10%, the power consumption per unit can be reduced by about 10%, and the blending amount of mixed materials is increased by about 5%.

2. Control the Moisture & Temperature of the Milled Material

The moisture of the mixture entering the ball mill should be strictly controlled and carefully reviewed, and the temperature of the milled material should be strictly controlled within the scope of the process. In order to ensure the stable production of the ball mill, the comprehensive moisture content of the milled material should be less than 1%.

3. Control the Wear Ability of the Milled Material

In order to ensure the grindability of the material to be ground, it is necessary to produce a clinker with good grindability as much as possible, or choose a mixture of good activity and good grindability.

4. Keep the Ball Mill Ventilated

In order to ensure a virtuous cycle of internal ventilation, all ventilation ducts should be cleaned regularly in normal production conditions. The dust collector is cleaned once a week.

5. Adjust the Configuration of the Grinding Balls in Time

Increase the ball mill accessories load when the device configuration allows;

The addition of the size and quantity of the grinding balls mainly depend on the material of the grinding body, the output and quality, and the running time;

According to the measured consumption of the ball mill accessories when per ton products milled, determine the amount of supplementary grinding balls;

Supplementing the grinding bballs according to changes in current, sound, output and quality of the ball mill in daily production;

Regularly check the damage of the grinding balls inside the ball mill. When the steel ball is damaged more, it should be re-arranged.

6. Strictly Control the Particle Size of the Milled Material

Adopt the method of “breaking more and less grinding” to keep the particle size of the grinding material below the internal control standard;

The particle size of the mixed material is controlled and tracked and adjusted, so that various materials can enter the ball mill with a reasonable particle size.

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