500x750 Jaw Crusher

By: Fote MachineryFebruary 16th,2019

For the mining industry, jaw crusher is a relatively common crushing device which is powerful and has many models. It is widely used in the industrial field, and the 500x750 jaw crusher is one of the more frequently used models. Perhaps many users have already purchased one or more units, but some users may not know about the equipment. Here are five items for you to learn more about the 500x750 jaw crusher.

1. Feeding Size: 500x750mm; Capacity: 40-110t/h; Adjusting range of discharge opening: 50-100mm; Dimensions: 1980x2080x1870mm; Total weight: 12t; Motor power: 6P 55kw. The crushing ratio is large, the size is moderate, and the production capacity is suitable. It is mainly used for rough breaking of various ore materials, which is a crushing weapon.

2. The motor used in the 500x750 jaw crusher is a well-known brand in China. The driving force is sufficient, the motor runs stably, the power consumption is reduced, and the energy consumption of the system is saved in the production process. The 500x750 jaw crusher achieves deep cavity crushing, and the one-time processing capacity is large, which increases the output of the equipment and achieves energy-saving and high-efficiency output.

3. The unique boring design of the 500x750 jaw crusher increases the bearing capacity and stability of the equipment, enhances the bearing capacity of the eccentric shaft, reduces the vibration and amplitude of the equipment during use, and ensures smooth operation.

4. The 500x750 jaw crusher is made of high-chromium alloy material with strict manufacturing process and high standard production. It combines advanced technology to ensure the quality of the equipment. The body is strong, the parts are resistant to abrasion, and it is not easy to malfunction during use, which prolongs the service life of the equipment.

5. The new wedge discharge control device of the 500x750 jaw crusher has a wide range of discharge size, simple and convenient adjustment, and simplifies the production process.

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