1800 Mesh Kaolin Micro Grinding Mill

By: FTM MachineryJune 27th,2019

Kaolin, also known as dolomite, is pure clay with a melting point of up to 1750 ° C. Its main components are aluminum and silicon oxides, mostly used in the ceramic industry and other chemical industries. The kaolin is white, fine and soft, and is widely used in the manufacture of paper, ceramics and refractory materials because of its good plasticity and fire resistance. After the kaolin is mined, it needs to be ground into coarse powder or fine powder before use. The micro powder mill introduced here is the better equipment for treating kaolin.

The three-rings and medium-speed micro powder mill is a new type of product developed and produced by FTM. It belongs to the domestic advanced dry non-metallic mineral ultra-fine powder fine grinding equipment. The machine puts the material crushing and grinding into the same body and operates independently in the sealed system. The structure is compact and saves investment. The dust-containing gas will be discharged after dust removal to reduce pollution and improve the environment. When processing various brittle non-flammable and explosive materials with Mohs hardness lower than 5 grades such as kaolin, heavy calcium and barite, the finished products produced by micro-powder mill is finer than traditional milling equipment and consumes less energy, which is the ideal equipment for producing the ultrafine powder. In addition to the above advantages, the three-ring medium-speed micro-grinding mill has the following highlights:

1. It is safe and reliable, and there is no grinding cavity for rolling bearings and screws. It will not be damaged because the bearing seal is easy to damage and the screw is easy to loosen, which will make the work more stable and safe.

2. The consumable parts and other important parts are made of high-quality castings and profiles with high wear resistance. The whole set of equipment is durable.

3. The fineness of the finished product is high, the output is large, and the method of grinding by the extension makes the fineness of the product produced by one time up to d97≤5μm, the particle size can be adjusted freely between 400 mesh and 3000 mesh, and the fine powder grinding of 1800 mesh can reach 1500-1800 t/h (model FTMM-1021).

The pricing of the equipment mainly depends on the model selected by the customer. Because the model is different, the parameters such as the output and the granularity of the finished product are different. Therefore, when the model is uncertain, there is no way to specify the price. If you want to know more product details and prices, please contact us online.