1007 Impact Crusher Processing 200-300t/d of Bluestone

By: FTM MachineryJanuary 16th,2019

The crushing work of bluestone is mainly realized by the impact crusher. By using the impact energy, the impact crusher can better achieve the fine crushing and shaping effect in the bluestone, and obtain the bluestone material with high quality, uniform particle size and good grain shape. So what type of impact crusher do you want to use for 200-300 tons of bluestone per day? How much is it? A brief introduction will be provided here.

Ⅰ. 1007 Impact Crusher

The 1007 impact crusher is a PF-1007 impact crusher with the specification of φ1000x700mm. Other relevant parameters are as follows:

1. Feed Opening: 400*730mm

2. Feeding Size: 300mm

3. Motor Power: 4P 37-45Kw

4. Total weight: 12t

5. Processing Capacity: 30-70t/h

Obviously, the processing capacity of 1007 impact crusher is 30-70t/h and the daily output can reach 240-560 tons. However, the output is only a range of intervals. If the crushed raw material bluestone has a large hardness, a large size, or a finer grain size requirement, the output will be relatively reduced. Therefore, if you require 200-300 tons per day, 1007 impact crusher must be a good choice.

Ⅱ. Price

The 1007 impact crusher has different prices in different manufacturers. Of course, there are always reasons for manufacturers to price the product: some have good quality and high cost; some factory direct sales, fair prices, etc., so that it is difficult for customers to make a decision. Here we want to explain to everyone: we cannot control the changes in the market, but what we always have to do is to pay attention to the market, understand the equipment, and have reached the goal of purchasing the economical impact crusher finally.

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