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Magnetite ore dressing plant in Brazil

Magnetite ore dressing plant in Brazil

Introduction to magnetite ore

The magnetite ore is widely distributed and its formation is based on many reasons. For the magnetite ore produced in metamorphic and endogenic deposit, it can be seen in Kiruna, Sweden. For the magnetite ore formed in the sedimentary bed, its level is low and its scale is large, which can be found in Russia, North America, Brazil, Australia and China, etc. The magnetite ore is the main material for steel smelting.

Magnetic Ore beneficiation technology

Magnetic separation technology is the leading way for dressing magnetite ore. Aiming at the weakly magnetic iron ore, Fote uses the ways of magnetic separation, gravity separation, flotation separation and roasting-magnetic separation. For the strongly magnetic iron ore, Fote directly uses the magnetic separation solution.