Coal Powder Briquetting Plant in India

The coal briquetting is done either with a binder at intermediate pressures and without binders at high pressures. Briquettes of different shapes (round/square) can be prepared by this coal briquetting machine. The performance of the coal briquetting machine mainly depends on the roller of the main engine. (Belt conveyor, briquette machine)

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Coal Powder Briquetting Plant in India

Introduction of Coal Powder Briquetting Plant in India

Introduction to coal: The main components in coal are carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and little nitrogen, sulfur as well as others. Sulfur is the major foreign matter in coal and it often takes the form of sulfide to exist in burning products of coal. Coal resource is very rich in the world. Demand and supply are stable, so the coal price is cheaper than that of oil and gas.

Coal uses: Coal is used for coking work, which can produce coal tar and ammonium hydroxide. Coked coal is a important raw material for iron making. Many people think that coal gas is produced from coal. But, actually, coal gas is produced from the naphtha, which is refined from raw oil. Coal can be directly vaporized to make water gas, which is used as the clean fuel.

Customer case: This customer comes from India and he owns a coal mine. After a long time production, he thinks the cost is high. So, he asks Fote specialists for technological upgrade. The current problem is that the cost of briquetting work takes 70% in the total cost. So, Fote specialists mainly study the briquetting part in coal mining work. By using the Fote upgraded briquetting plant for half a month, the production cost is remarkably decreased.

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