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Sand Making Machine

Sand making machine, also known as sand crusher, is widely used to process stones into artificial sand with certain particle size to provide aggregate for building, construction, road, etc.



To crush stones from big size into required smaller size.


Used in quarry, construction, road, recycling, etc.

Minerals Processed

over 120 kinds of stones and rocks.

Processing Materials of Sand Making Machine

It is widely used for fine (third stage) crushing of granite, river stone, quarry stone, rock, boulder, gravel, aggregate, basalt, limestone, etc. Adjustable final size meeting different needs. Following is common final output size.

  • undefinedartificial sand
  • undefinedquartz sand
  • undefinedsilica sand
  • Finished Product

Working Principle of Sand Making Machine

The material falls into the hopper, enters the high-speed rotating rotor through the central feed hole, and is fully accelerated and thrown out through the launch port. It first collides with a part of the free-falling material after rebounding, and then impacts the surrounding vortex cavity together. The materials are firstly bounced to the top of the crushing chamber, and then deflected to move downward, colliding with the material emitted from the impeller runner to form a continuous material curtain, and finally discharged through the lower discharge port .


Advantages of Sand Making Machine

Sand making and shaping

With deep impeller cavity, the stone throughput is increased by 30%. There is a certain shaping effect, reasonable gradation and adjustable fineness modulus.

Durable and easy to maintain

The core components are carefully crafted to be more durable, and the service life is extended by 1.5-3 times. At the same time, the hydraulic cover can be opened, which is more convenient for users to view and repair, and the daily maintenance is simple.

Low Costs

Small footprint, combined throwing head, only need to replace the worn piece, reducing the use cost by 30%.

Environmental friendly and energy-saving

The air flow inside the vortex cavity is self-circulating, working with less dust and low noise, and at the same time, brand-name motors are used, which has sufficient kinetic energy and more energy saving.


Hot Issues of Sand Making Machine

We have small, medium and large sand making machine for sale. Professional team will provide customized solution according to your needs.

Hot Sale Models of Sand Making Machine

VSI7611, VSI8518, well received by market for artificial sand making.

VSI9526, VSI1140, large production capacity and high efficiency.

Hot Sale Production Capacity of Sand Making Machine

10-20t/h, 20-30t/h, 30-50t/h, etc, usually for small production scale, with low costs.

60-100t/h, 100-150t/h, 250-300t/h, etc, usually for medium and large production scale.

The estimated price of the service

Product price: Price range is about 4000-500,000 dollars. Click for specific price.

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Technical parameters

Sand Making Machine

Sand Making Machine

Model FTMVSI-7611 FTMVSI-8518 FTMVSI-9526 FTMVSI-1140 FTMVSI-1145 FTMVSI-1150
Feed both 
at center
 and sides
80-180 140-260 200-380 300-520 350-610 360-650
Feed at 
40-90 70-130 100-190 160-260 180-355 190-365
35 40 45 50 50 50
30 35 40 40 45 45
1700-1890 1520-1690 1360-1510 1180-1310 1150-1300 1150-1300
Double Motor 
4P   110 4P   180 4P   264 4P   400 4P   440 4P   500
Overall dimension
3700×2150×2100 4140×2280×2425 4560×2447×2778 5100×2700×3300 5500×2700×3300 5500×2700×3300
Power supply 380V 50HZ
power of 
oil pump
The oil pump assure enough oil supply and automatic switch off with no oil
pressure,air cooling or water cooling,motor heating start up in winter
Power of oil
 tank heater
Model Sand Shaping Sand Making Sand Shaping Sand Making Motor Power(kw)
Max.Feeding Size (mm) Throughput(t/h)
HVI 0815  <30 <35  50-140  90-230  2×75 
HVI 0818 <30 <35 60-190 110-283 2×90
HVI 0922 <35 <40 70-210 150-330 2×110
HVI 0926 <35 <40 85-240 170-380 2×132
HVI 1032 <40 <45 130-278 180-356 2×160
HVI 1040 <40 <45 180-284 250-440 2×200
HVI 1263 <50 <55 320-498 370-585 2×315

Related Projects of Sand Making Machine

Our products have been exported to over 90 countries, such as Philippine, Pakistan, Vietnam, Papua New Guinea, Feiji, Tanzania, Ghana, Cameroon, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Somalia, etc.

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