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Chinaware Ball Mill

Production: 0.05–15 tons per time

Rotation speed: 13.5–50 r/min

Applied material: quartz, iron ore, copper ore, gold, etc

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Introduction of Chinaware Ball Mill

Ceramic ball mill is mainly used for mixing and grinding materials, and the finished product has uniform fineness, which can be dry or wet. The machine can be used with different lining types according to production needs. The fineness of the grinding operation depends on the grinding time. The electro-hydraulic machine is auto-coupled and decompressed to reduce the starting current. Its structure is divided into integral and independent. This product has the characteristics of low investment, low energy consumption, novel structure, simple operation, safe use and stable performance. It is suitable for mixing and grinding of common materials and special materials. Users can choose the appropriate model and liner and media type based on factors such as material specific gravity, hardness, and output.

Ceramic ball mill is a horizontal cylindrical rotating device, which is composed of a main part such as a feeding part, a discharging part, a turning part, and a transmission part. The hollow shaft is made of cast steel, the inner lining is removable, and the rotary large gear is processed by casting hobbing.

Working Principle

The motor drives the cylinder to rotate through the deceleration device. The crushed ore and the steel ball in the cylinder are subjected to friction and centrifugal force during the rotation of the cylinder. After being brought to a certain height by the lining plate, the gravity is thrown and plunged, and the ore is in the ore. Under the impact and grinding action, it is gradually crushed, and the crushed ore is discharged out of the cylinder through the discharge portion. After the discharged minerals are classified into qualified products in a spiral classifier, the coarse sands are returned to the ball mill through the combined feeder and continue to be ground. The feeder feeds continuously and evenly, and the ore enters the ball mill continuously and uniformly through the combined feeder, and the ground material is continuously discharged from the ceramic ball mill. Ceramic ball mill is a grinding machine that can work continuously for 24 hours a day.

Technology Data

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An Inquiry Of Chinaware Ball Mill

Message Instance

Customer: KrishanHarrison

Subject: Ball Mill

Time: 2018-09-23 23:21 GMT+8:00

material: gypsum+ sugar

Processing Capacity: - 1 ton per hour

The size of the material: 1-2mm.

Output size: 45 micron below