The Three-cylinder Dryer

By: FTM MachineryMarch 30th,2019

The three-cylinder dryer is a high-efficiency combined dryer which is an efficient and energy-saving product based on a single-cylinder rotary dryer. The rotary three-cylinder dryer improves the internal structure of the original single-cylinder dryer, increases the pre-drying process of the wet material before entering the machine and prolongs the drying time of the wet material in the machine. It has the advantages of advanced technology, reasonable operating parameters and simple operation. It is widely used in slag, clay, coal, iron powder, mineral powder and other mixed materials, dry mixed mortar in construction industry, and raw materials for chemical and casting in various industries.


The three-cylinder dryer is composed of three concentric circles of different diameters embedded in each other as the main body of the dryer. The main body is horizontally rotated on the four supporting rollers at both ends by the belts at both ends, and the feeding end of the cylinder is provided with a hot air furnace device. The discharge end is provided with a dust cover and an automatic discharging device. The dust cover is connected to the dust collector through a pipe. Dust removal equipment, feeding equipment and conveying equipment can be designed according to the user's process conditions and requirements.

Drying Process

The wet material enters the feed end of the inner cylinder through the feeding device, and then is quickly pushed to the spiral lifting plate through the spiral guide plate. With the rotation of the cylinder, the spiral lifting plates provided in the four cylinders result in the material to be lifted, and the material is continuously tumbling, throwing and longitudinally moving toward the discharge end. At the same time, the hot air from the hot blast stove enters the inner cylinder, the middle cylinder and the outer cylinder to exchange heat with the materials. Since the metal steel plate conducts heat faster than the material to be dried, the steel plate and the lifting plate of the cylinder are first heated, and then the heat is transferred to the material by conduction and radiation, and the temperature rises when the material is heated, and the temperature rises to moisture. At the evaporating temperature, the water is separated from the material, and is discharged into the air with the soot through the dust remover, thereby achieving the purpose of drying the material.


1. The internal circulation of the three cylinders forms a self-insulating structure, and the three layers are insulated to save energy.

2. The drum is wrapped with insulation material and stainless steel plate to further reduce heat loss and improve thermal efficiency.

3. The special thermal design concept eliminates wind tunnel heat loss, increases heat exchange area and unit volume evaporation intensity, which is more energy efficient.

4. It conforms to the international policy of creating an environment-friendly and resource-saving society, and is an environmentally-friendly and energy-saving product that replaces traditional drying equipment.

5. The device is compact and has a small footprint, which is half the footprint of a single-cylinder dryer of the same output.

6. It has an automated control system that reduces manpower consumption.

Removal of Fault

1. The moisture content of the dried material is greater than the specified value. The elimination method is to control the production capacity of the dryer and increase or decrease the supply of heat.

2. The meshing gap between the large gear and the pinion is broken. The reason is that the tractor is worn, the wheel is worn or the pinion is worn. The elimination method is to turn or replace according to the wear condition, or it can be installed on the reverse side or changed in pairs.

3. The body vibrates throughout. The reason is that the connection between the tug device and the base is broken. The elimination method is to correct the fastening joints in the correct position.

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