The capacity analysis of raymond mill

By: FTM MachineryDecember 16th,2019

Raymond mill is commonly used in industry grinding equipment, widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining and other fields of material processing grinding. This article analyzes how to extend the production capacity of Raymond mill, which is convenient for users to refer to.

一、The main factor of the decline in production

1. Too much or too little material. The feeding speed of the Raymond mill can not be too fast or too slow. Too much material will affect the performance of Raymond mill. Too little material will affect the efficiency of the equipment.

2. The material is too wet. Material moisture is the main reason for the decline of product output, which not only increases the difficulty of grinding, but also makes it easy to block the discharge channel of the finished product, which causes the failure of the equipment, resulting in the decline of output.

3. The damage of parts. The damage of any part will have a great impact on the output. For example, fan, roller, and other important parts should be checked on time, once the problem is found to solve in time, to ensure the normal operation of Raymond mill.

4. Serious wear and tear. Raymond mill mainly relies on grinding rollers and grinding rings to produce the powder. If the equipment is severely damaged, the material will not be ground to the fineness desired by the user, and it will continue to circulate in the mill, resulting in a decline in output.

二、How to increase the production capacity of Raymond mill

1. In the operation process of Raymond mill, different types of grinding equipment have a different feed particle size, so the operators should pay attention to the size and feed speed of the feed, the feeding material should be uniform, no impurities, especially hard impurities, or it will affect the productivity of Raymond mill.

2. During the operation of the Raymond mill, it is necessary to prevent metal objects from entering the host of the Raymond mill. If foreign objects accidentally enter the Raymond mill, the machine must be shut down and inspected, and the foreign objects must be cleaned, then put it into production, otherwise, it will not only affect production but also easily damage the equipment.

3. The moisture materials. The temperature of the material in a reasonable range, the moisture content of materials are generally less than 6%, if more than this standard, in grinding, the material will stick on the machine, resulting in decreased productivity, even blocking circulation duct, etc., not only will reduce production, can also affect the quality of the Raymond mill.

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