Slime Dryer is the Necessary Equipment for the Drying of Coal

By: FTM MachineryMarch 08th,2018

Coal Slime Dryer

Why slime dryer is the necessary equipment for the drying of coal powder? Because pulverized coal has some unique properties. The pulverized coal particles are extremely small, due to its large surface area, which can absorb air and its characteristics of mobility, ordinary drying equipment cannot be used for drying coal. The slime dryer can control the drying degree and humidity of pulverized coal during its drying process, which has avoided spontaneous combustion phenomenon caused by the high temperature. However, the coal of various regions has different environment and hardness, so the drying requirements will be higher when it is compared with other products. In addition, the slime dryer will not be affected by the hardness of coal.

The design principles of its drying system: the slime dryer adopts the new technology to improve the working efficiency; it is adapted to the production and management; it takes the effective organization of production, labor safety and environmental protection measures; it has reasonable selection of equipment after considering the importance of uniform feeding of materials and the uneven coefficient; the design of drying machine ensures the strong adaptability and high efficiency of raw materials without sticking to the inner wall of the cylinder; pay attention to the selection of electrical products with advanced performance, reliable work, convenient operation ,high efficiency and energy saving.

As a manufacturer of slime dryer, Fote Machinery reminds you that: slime dryer is made of iron, so rust is hardly to be avoided. During the use of the dryer, it must be kept in a dry place. Customers can sprinkle some lime inside the room, or regularly paint the machine to maintain the beautiful appearance and duration of the machine. Painting is the most direct antirust method. Therefore, if some places are not clean, you need to paint them regularly.